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Hello, When my Lawyer made up my divorce agreement I ...

Resolved Question:

Hello, When my Lawyer made up my divorce agreement I noticed a mistake. I called my Lawyer and told him about the mistake and he told me to just sign the paper stating that I agreed with the agreement and that he would fix the mistake. I signed the paper like he asked me too. The mistake was about paying for pet insurance which I agreed to pay for six months after the divorce along with my exwife''s insurance for six months. My lawyer did not specify the length of six month''s for the pet ins. in the divorce papers. When in court the Judge asked me about the pet insurance and I told him I agreed to pay for six month''s and because my exwife did not show up for court he said it was fine. I stopped paying a year after our divorce. My lawyer is telling me he has no notes or paperwork stating the six month period. What sould I do even though he made the mistake in the agreement and now she is holding me responsible for his mistake.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Elizabeth Powell replied 9 years ago.

Chances are that when you were having this discussion in open Court with the Judge there was a reporter taking down what you said, and what the judge said. If there was no reporter, a recording was being made, and the clerk has kept a copy. You can get a transcript made. You need the tape from the clerk, and then you can have a transcriptionist make a paper copy so everybody can read it.

You can hire new counsel if you don't have confidence in this lawyer's work any more. Your new lawyer can respond to your ex wife's motion that the six month period was discussed in open court, you paid twice as long as you said you would, and you are not in contempt of the order but you are done paying the pet insurance. Be prepared with bank statements or other proof of your payments.

Sorry he's not being more responsive. This was (is) clearly important to you, and he should have clarified it. You didn't do anything improper such as not pay.

Hope this helps. XXXXX XXXXX

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