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What can I do to help my daughter and regain custody

Customer Question

My husband falsely accused me of child abuse my then 12yr old daughter stated the same. It is almost 2yrs since I seen my daughter. Therapy first time I seen my daughter she admitted I did not abuse her, the therapist feels some-type of sexual abuse is going on and my husband is manipulating her. I cannot afford an attorney all my paycheck by error is going to husband . Husband doesnot work I and his rich parents support him. He needs my daughter for the money, for this reason my daughter is mentally unbalance I fear for her. Can anyone help me. I am in orange county New York.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  dkennedy replied 9 years ago.

Hello barbara,

You call him your husband, so are you still married?

There is a custody order? Is it a temporary order? Is Social Services involved?

Could you explain why your paycheck is going to your husband?

Please provide more details.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Still married. There is a custody order, he has sole custody--He stated to the Court that I was hitting my child since she was 5yrs old. Where I made her bleed badly, and that she was terrified of me. Stephanie, my daughter backed-up his story. I was granted no visitation, and therapeutic therapy was ordered also parenting classes. My Husband violated the Court order and refused to obey the order. It has been almost 2yrs since I had any contact with my daughter. I finally, fighting on my own, PRO SE had one session. My daughter admitted in front of me to the therapist that I did not abuse her I hit her once in her life when she was in 5th grade and that she will not have anything to do with me because I abandoned her. And that I do not love her and I must prove to her that I love her. There is so much more. There is so much abuse being done to my daughter that according to the therapist that she is on the edge of a breakdown. Social Services was involved but only against me. Now that the truth is out and social services is on my side, they can do nothing to help my daughter. (highlights--- daughter into drugs, drinking, foul filthy language, naked pictures she said boy took of her in my home. She claims she is a witch. Neighbor's tried to testify.) Paycheck more than Court Ordered is being taken out due to error, husband's attorney refused to prepare new order for 5months. I was on medical leave due to surgery, leave with out pay and also paying for medical for my daughter that under the new order I do not have to pay. Current order is for $625 per month I am paying $1565 and medical. I went to court again and his attorney stated that I am paying only $625 and I was out of work only for a few weeks,(medical leave over 2months total.)Hearing officer is to rule on papers submitted which I also included the child support print out. Am I having a run of bad luck or what. I cannot get a legal aid attorney because on paper I make too much. Also husband doesn't work lives off of my money so he has a vested interest in keeping my daughter.
Expert:  dkennedy replied 9 years ago.

Hello barbara,

I understand more of your situation now. Thank you. But, could you tell me exactly what your question is, so that I can try to help?

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