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Elizabeth Powell
Elizabeth Powell, Family Law Attorney
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My sons wife left him a day ago and took the

Customer Question

My son''s wife left him a day ago and took the baby with her. She told him he could have her today. He went to pick his daughter up and she told him he can''t have her. The coversation got heated and he left. We found out later she went and got a restaining order on him, and she wont let him see his daughter. Do you have any advice for him. Please.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Elizabeth Powell replied 9 years ago.

Don't violate any restraining orders, even accidentally.

Don't try to see the child right now, that is a violation of the order. Now what he needs is the best family law attorney he can afford. I know that sounds really simplistic, but it is true. The attorney can file a petition which will determine residential time. The petition will also request a determination regarding child support.

The nicest people in the world make poor decisions when they are labelled as abusers. That is what is happening to your son right now. He needs to make some very smart choices very quickly.

Even if your son were a practicing attorney, I'd still recommend he get a family law attorney to help him. One cannot be objective and rational when it is their own life and future that is on the line. How he deals with this in the next two weeks is going to have a profound impact on his child's life and the quality of his relationship with his child.

In a nutshell: Tell him not to take the bait. He has to stay very calm, and controlled and respond appropriately. The only rational response right now is the best lawyer you can find.

Ask your friends if they liked their lawyer; go to the Court and watch the family law attorneys in action. Pick one who is well regarded by the local court. (But you can't ask a judge or a clerk for a referral!)

I hope this helps you. XXXXX XXXXX