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How do I file for a continuance I have received a ...

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How do I file for a continuance? I have received a Notice of Motion to have oral arguments on February 29th. This is 3 yrs. after a divorce and is regarding support issues and has 21 points for me to address. Thank you
You file a "Motion for Continuance". You just put the party names, the court and docket number at the top, like in the notice of motion you recieved. Then state your reasons for continuing, and make sure to say you do not seek to continue to unduely delay the proceedings it is because you have good cause. You should file this with the court and send a copy to the other party and do so no later than 7 calendar days before the 29th, of course the sooner the better.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Shelley's Post: Thank you Shelly.   Can I print a " Motion for Continuance" or "Adjournment" form from online. Also is your information good for New Jersey? I will be clicking to pay you next. Thank you in advance for your answer.

There is no "form". It is good for new jersey. Bascially it looks like this: The formatting is not exact since I copied from Word.


Cause NO.__________

____________ § (Court name here)

Plantiff §


______________ §

Defendant §




(Body of request here)



Respectfully submitted,




Your name here.



I certify that a true an correct copy of this motion has been sent to _(other party's name)___ at (other party's asddress) on February 2, 2008.

By: _________________________________________

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