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child support in pa

Resolved Question:

my husband is behind 4700 in child support in pa. He has paying 177.51 per week since he is in arrears. he has never made more then 20,000 in 5 years since his daugter has been born. We have no idea where they came up with the $ amount for his support. We filed a pitition for reduction and we go to court on 1/9. We found out that there is a bench warrant out for him and he will be arrested on 1/9. They are now taking out his child support from his paycheck. They say there is nothing they can do since they can do unless the mother of the child says she does not want him to go to jail. Is this true in the state of PA. We live in NJ. She moved out of NJ where they lived when the baby was conceived. This women does want she wants and gets away with it. My husband was disabled for many years and she took advantage of the sitaution. Can we stop them from putting him in jail? The public defender will only help after he is arrested. what can we do?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Walter replied 9 years ago.


At this point there is little he can do since there is already a warrant. He will need to turn himself in at the hearing and explain the situation. Keep in mind since he is currently paying support the judge is going to want to see this continue....if he goes to jail he loses his job and thus support will stop. Make sure you mention this to the judge at the hearing.

Often if you can offer up a lump sum even if it is small the judge will allow him to be released from jail. As for mom she can request that the charges be dropped but that doesn't look like it will happen so at this point he will have to go to jail. If the judge wants to he can let him out the same day since he is currently paying support.


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