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Ex wife harrassment

Customer Question

my 16 year old stepdaughter lives with me and my husband and causing marriage problems and i want her to move with her mother but her mother doesn''t want custody but tries to make the rules in my house saying i have no rights and causes problems between my stepdaughter and myself. she does absolutely nothing for her. I am more then a mother then she is and i get treated terribly. My husband wants to be the best friend. What can i do? Can i go to family court myself and request that the mother take custody since the 16 old does not listen to the rules and her father and mother don''t make her listen either. They let her do whatever she wants and i am the only one making rules and she tells me i am not her mother. my husand and i argue continously about it. The ex keeps sticking her 2 sense in our business and i am thinking about divorce. Please help me and tell me what you think I should do.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Walter replied 9 years ago.


No you can not ask the courts to force the mother to take her. In fact as much as you do not want to hear it you have very few rights as far as this child is concerned. Her father must make the choices on what to do with the child and even he can not force her mother to take her. If he has custody he must deal with his child or ask the courts to remove the child and place her in foster care.

Your only option is to either force dad to deal with his child or leave. You can not make him deal with her nor can you make mom butt out unless dad tells her to. Mom has a right to talk to dad and the child about child rearing even if she is not the custodial parent.

It sounds like your husband needs to make some real choices real quick with his daughter. If he fails to do so you have the right to leave or divorce him.


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