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My x-Husband drives semi trucks for a living. While he has

Resolved Question:

My x-Husband drives semi trucks for a living. While he has custody of our three year old son he takes him on long distant routes from Pa to Fla. My son told me he had to hide from cops in the birthing area when ever his daddy said so.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Flagbridge-FL replied 10 years ago.

Does your x-husband OWN the truck?
Does your x-husband pay for the insurance on it?
Do you give your permission for the trips?
Is there any court order preventing him from removing his son from the state?

That will help

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Flagbridge-ADR's Post: No my X Husband does NOT own the truck, No he does nott have insurance on the company truck, No I do not want my three year old on the truck risking his life, No court order stopping his living in PA and I live in Tx.
Expert:  Flagbridge-FL replied 10 years ago.

Well as your Husband does not own the truck or insurance, it is very probable that there is a NO PASSENGER rule for his trucking company.

There will be a sign on the side of the truck indicating NO PASSENGERS.

The police will see that when he is pulled over, and he can be sited, and the company who owns the company will be told. He can therefore lose his job over it.

You should write your own C&D letter (Cease and desist).
  • Tell him that you want him to STOP taking your son in the truck with him.
  • Further tell him that as he does not own the truck or the insurance there are serious safety concerns.
  • Tell him that you are certain his company would not like to know about him carrying passengers.
  • It can say you appreciate he wants to spend time with your son, but for his safety and for your husbands job sake, it is no longer to be done in a truck.
If he does not abide by the letter, then you can go to your divorce lawyer, and give him a copy of the letter. He/She will be able to assist in getting an injunction against him taking your son on the road.

I hope that helps.

Good luck.
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