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I have OCD and I've been having a lot of anxiety about

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I have OCD and I've been having a lot of anxiety about sunlight causing damage to my eyes. I'm having intrusive thoughts that I'm going to look at the sun or the reflection of the sun for too long and damage my eyes. I would, of course, not like to look at the sun directly, but when you are driving it is sometimes in my field of vision, and every time that happens I panic. Even more frequently, though, I could be behind a car that is reflecting the sun on its rear windshield, and I have to look at that car in order to not crash, which means I am inevitably staring directly at that reflection of the sun for some time, especially since I can't stop thinking about the dangers of that. I have sunglasses, but I don't know how damaging the reflection of the sun off a rear windshield or chrome bumper is or whether or not my sunglasses will prevent the damage from that. Any advice that could settle these fears some would be appreciated. Thank you.


The sunlight can only cause permanent damage to your eyes if you are looking at the Sun directly during an eclipse. In the normal time when there is no eclipse, the bright rays of Sun are very strong that no one is able to look at the Sun directly to cause any damage. Transient eye damage can occur when one is not using protection like sun glasses when in snow, desert or huge water bodies. There is no known evidence to show damage to eyes from sunlight reflected from bumpers or wind shields

Hope this information is helpful


Customer: replied 1 month ago.
What about when driving into the sun during the early morning or late evening when it is in my field of vision? I certainly would prefer not to look in the sun's direction, but enevitably some of the time, I do.

You are right, the early morning and evening sun rays are mild. But still there is not enough exposure to UV rays during thses two times to damage the retina of eye.


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