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I have glaucoma and use dorzalamid and latanoprost to keep

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I have glaucoma and use dorzalamid and latanoprost to keep my eye pressure down. I just started taking sertraline. Is the sertrailine going to interact with the eye drops. Also, I am getting dry, sore eyes suddenly Is the sertraline possibly doing this or stress?
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Anyone going to answer this, or should I go to the ER and get checked out?


Most of the anti-depressant eye drops including sertraline, can cause a mild dilatation or widening of pupil which can increase the intraocular pressure if the patient has narrow angles in the eye. It all depends on the type of glaucoma you are being treated for - angle open or angle closure. If you have angle closure, then most probably a laser iridectomy (hole in the iris) would have been done. So, in that case sertraline would not be a problem. The other type of glaucoma, open angle glaucoma, is not affected by sertraline. So, if you have open angle glaucoma, no need to worry. If you have closed angle glaucoma and a hole in iris has been done by laser, again not to worry.

sertraline is not known to cause dryness, but every individual has their own reactions to medicines. The dryness or soreness can be due to sertraline or the fact that you are using anti-glaucoma medicines regularly or stress.

For sore eyes, try using cod compresses on your eyes and if not using before, add a lubricating eye drop to your regimen. These are available over the counter. They are refresh tears/systane/optive/genteal eye drops etc.

Hope this information is helpful


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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank gou