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Dr. Muneeb Ali
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15 year old girl under stress from mother, living conditions

Customer Question

15 year old girl under stress from mother, living conditions and not feeling that anyone likes her and she gets yelled at a lot to where her anxiety has been building up as she has held back drinks some starbucks coffee, dr. pepper and monster drink all in same day with very little food. after a light verbal decipline she breaks down crying(first time in 8 years). she goes off by herself and sits on the bench in yard and as she was crying heavily she also started hyperventilating and sweating and throwing up liquid from perhaps an empty stomach from lack of eating that day. it was 10:00 at night outside. her eyes were closed and she was not coherent. Her forarms were extended and locked as her hand and fingers were extended and locked. Heartrate rapid. Could not feel legs and had to be dragged into house where feet were put up and cold compress on forhead. She came out of it but remembers nothing about the incident. What occurred here to my granddaughter??????
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Muneeb Ali replied 2 months ago.
Welcome to Ja and thanks for this question. I'm sorry to hear about your granddaughters symptoms. Now from what you are describing it sounds like that she may have suffered from a seizure because of the excessive intake of caffeine. This can be due to the direct effects of caffeine or it can also be due to a rapid irregular heart beat occurring because of the caffeine. This can lead to the development of arrhythmias which are rapid irregular heart beats. Once this happens the blood being pumped out of the heart into the brain decreases which can lead to the development of symptoms like drowsiness, loss of consciousness, dizziness,lightheadedness,seizures. It is very likely that she had seizures because of impaired blood supply due to the heart.
Now the first thing to do here would be to take her to the er where a CT scan of the brain should be done along with a eeg. At the same time she should have a full cardiac workup as well which can indicate if she had an arrhythmia this should include an EKG, echocardiography, 24 hour holter monitor.
But it does sound like that she had a seizure and she needs an immediate evaluation.
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