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My 3.5 year old cat has Meningitis. 4 months ago she went

Customer Question

My 3.5 year old cat has Meningitis. 4 months ago she went blind and had the full Neuro work up and they said she had mild Meningitis. With a Valley Fever titer of 1-2. She recovered her sight in 3 days or so. Had her on Prednisilone high dose and Anti Fungal meds. She is a stomatitis kitty and has had all her teeth removed. She has been on low dose steroids for that. But , a month ago my reg vet said I could taper her down from 1 cc of Pred to 0.25. On friday , 2 days ago I found her unable to walk well, wobbly and looked blind or afraid to open eyes, very stiff in the neck, leaning forwards. Just bad...I rushed her to a ER clinic and they have her now 2 days to be exact. IV fluids were stopped today. On high dose steroids and Anti Fungal meds. SHe was not good yesterday. The vet said yesterday morning that she was hopeful to pull her out of this relapse. Then 7 hours later she changed her mind and said she did not think Gracie would. The Neuro vet looked like he made the vet change her mind. I went in today to see Gracie and to me she was about 30 % better if not more. SHe was able to walk with out falling down, able to move her head around and ate for me. Still looks like she may be blind but hereyes were more open. Less confusion and anxiety. Now Im in a conflict...can she still die or is this small improvement a good sign? How long does a recovery take from a relapse? Is she over the hump or am I lying to myself?
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 2 months ago.
Please contact customer service to post the question in the vet section, this is medical