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I have bleeding on the back of my left eye and have lost the

Customer Question

I have bleeding on the back of my left eye and have lost the sight in that eye. I was sent to a retina specialist and he injected my eye with a needle and said I would have to have the same procedure every month until the bleeding stops. He also said that I probably would not regain the sight in that eye. The injection was painful even though I was given local anesthetic. Also I would like to know the possibility of this happening to my right eye? Please help!
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  MD Doc replied 9 months ago.


The chance of bleeding occurring in the other eye, depends on the cause. If the cause is something like high blood pressure or bleeding disorders, then those need to be taken care of, to prevent such an occurrence. Your doctor needs to investigate is detail to look for such a cause. If not, then the chances of same thing occurring in the other eye are less

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