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I get a small bug bite that just itches for days and turns

Customer Question

I get a small bug bite that just itches for days and turns red. The bug is small . this usually results when I feel the bug and crush its tiny body. I take 1 baby aspirin, 40 mg Crestor, 2000 IU vitamin D every day. I usually apply some Benadryl ointment when I first notice the stinging sensation. which helps but is very short term affect. I take those Rx because of a stroke (Right brain) 6 years ago. I just turned 65 on the 26th June. the crestor is to protect the doctor's stent in right carotid artery, that stent is mine now, payments complete
Is there something I should differently for these annoying itches? Something systemic? I just bought some Benadryl tablets which indicate on the label for use of allergic reactions, i.e. runny nose, itchy eyes, etc. I am allergic to bees, these buggers are not bees. I do have epi-Pen available should I need for serious bee sting breathing issues. Thank you.
AL STANLEY (###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 1 year ago.
Hello !
For these bites you may continue the topical Benadryl ..yes / you may also use 1 percent hydrocortisone twice a day // oral antihistamine would help itching Zyrtec 10 mg in AM and Benadryl 25 to 50 mg at bedtime would probably work well for you
I hope that this is helpful for you
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