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I had radiation 20 years ago cancer. I never had dry eye or

Customer Question

I had radiation 20 years ago for throat cancer. I never had dry eye or dry throat. The last 4 years I have had all the symptoms of Sjogrens fatigue some of these are swelling in gland area of face muscle pain fatigue weakness minus the eyes and mouth intestataional cystitus. I went to Vanderbilt 2 years ago my neurologist sent me there for testing trying to get answers the lady said I didn't have Stiff Man syndrome or POTS everything was okay with test but there was definitely something she suggested we repeat MRI of the spinal chord she said in time I would know what was wrong and said maybe Sjogrens but I didn't have the dry eyes and mouth at that time and my blood work was normal at that time. Since then I have more fatigue muscle pain numerous complaints and now dry gritty eyes and more swollen paroid glands. A eye doctor yesterday said I looked like I had Sjogrens and put plugs in. The ENT that looked at my gland said it was a moisture issue or infection when I mentioned Sjogrens he said No because of my past radiation. It is so frustrating to feel so bad and have no answers. My 26 year old daughter has Lupus and I found out yesterday she has Sjogrens. My question is the Neaurologist at Vanderbilt suggested Sjogrens and I didn't even have the classic eyes and mouth problems at that time. She did not say because of Radiation in fact she said she didn't think this was gonna go back to radiation but she was unsure. Could it be Sjogrens? I went to three doctors when I had cancer two said no way I had cancer and treated me for allergies but the third one did a biopsy and sure enough it was cancer so I know you can't give up when you know something is wrong Thanks Melissa
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

I am a radiation oncology doctor.

prior radiation therapy can cause the facial muscle pain.

did you have a recent biopsy to show your cancer has come back?