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Dr. Frank
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Blurry vision in same eye my had conjunctivital lymphoma?

Customer Question

Blurry vision in same eye my had conjunctivital lymphoma ? What can this mean ? It's been a few years since diagnosis treatment and remission or cure but I'm not sure exactly what the outcome was! As far as I know he was cured of the cancer but now he as far as I know woke up seeing blurry from the same eye he had the wills eye in conjunctivital lymphoma and I'm just curious as to what this means given fact he had cancer in his eye which did not spread ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

Hello. welcome to JA. I assume you mean he sees blurry from the same eye as the one treated for conjunctival Lymphoma years earlier, meaning he covers the other eye and it is blurred, correct? There are many reasons for monocular blurred vision not related to cancer. It can be glaucoma, (which can come as a result of the treatment), retinal or choroid detachments, or problems in the fluid inside the eye. So I would need to know more about his eye exam. Dr Frank

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hasn't gone in yet for eye exam just thought I'd ask as to the most likely causes of him suddenly having blurred vision in that same eye treated for wills eye conjunctival lymphoma or whatever the proper name is ? I know it was lymphoma not melanoma tho
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

Yes I understand, that is a rare form of lymphoma, and would not cause sudden blurred vision. He could have had a small hemmorhage into the retina, or a detachment. He needs that ophthalmologic exam with the scope in his eye. Wills is a very good eye hospital there in Philly, so he needs to go in. Please get back to me with questions if I can help, or if satisfied please remember to rate this service by clicking on the rating stars, as that is how I am compensated for this work thanks dr frank

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We are in ny not Philly but I am familiar with that hospital , it came up
In conversation a few times over the last few years
I forget where he went here in nyc but from what I remember it was the best of places to go here in nyc I been reading up in conjunctival lymphoma all night and it seems according to wills eye institute in guessing the Philly based hospital website that conjunctival lymphoma all tho serious as with any cancer , pretty low grade so I'm assuming that he will most likely and hopefully be ok and maybe it's not even the cancer having returned that's causing his blurry vision as you also stated ? I mean he been going for quarterly follow ups since diagnosis and after treatment either quarterly or every 6 months and up until last follow up check up or what have you ,news been good ! Anyway please tell me what you think and please let me know if after rating question if it can somehow be taken down ? I saw some of my questions Coke up in Google search if I type in some key words from questions and I'd like to keep my questions as private or a-b as possible eventho this a totally public forum
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

If you look at the bottom of the page, there should be a link for customer service, or you can email at***@******.***. Either way just notify them and they will take this page down. No problem. You cannot be sure of anything without an examination, but sudden blurred vision does not sound like a re-exacerbation of the lymphoma. But there can be other serious causes. Dr Frank

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Other serious cause like ?
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

as I had mentioned earlier. you can have retinal, choroid, or vitreous detachments, you can have glaucoma or other problems in the "anterior chamber of the eye". you can have refraction error problems of the lens that come into play. So the eye exam can differentiate all of them. Dr Frank

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
These things still likely Even with the fact he had cancer In eye like I'm thinking based in fact it same eye that had cancer maybe this increases likelihood that it cancer related ? That's all I'm asking and thinking ? If your telling me even with fact he had cancer in that same eye that it doesn't raise the likelihood of it being due to the cancer returnin then I will feel that much better
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.
There are more common reasons but his problem of having been treated for ocular lymphoma may play a role such as he may now have a retinal detachment. It does not mean the tumor is back statistically but he needs the exam to figure out the cause. I hope that helps. Dr Frank.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
They gave him an appointment a month from now is waiting a month bad ?
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

Cannot say from here on how long they feel they can wait. There must be additional information that I do not have. Monocular blurred vision should be evaluated, if necessary, in an emergency room. Dr frank

Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

I hope I was able to answer your question. Please remember to rate my service by clicking on the rating stars, as that his how I am compensated for this work I do for you. thanks Dr frank