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I have a story of periodic eye infections; in a couple cases

Customer Question

I have a history of periodic eye infections; in a couple cases resulting in corneal ulcers. Not too often, but when infections occur, routinely given Tobramycin and Dexamethasone drops, usually with an Rx of three drops a day for, the best of my recollection, five to seven days usually. Last infection took three drops for a week, than two drops for second week, than one drop a day for third week. I think doctor mentioned something about a rebound effect and why gradual reduction in drops.Problem began in 2003 when developed corneal ulcers. In this instance, you could visibly see eye had a problem, sensitive to light.....finally diagnosed as atopic keratoconjuctivitis, which I understand if a very broad definition. I do have problems with dermatitis and blepharitis.Last Wednesday I felt some minor pain in my right eye, and call my my ophthalmologist's office for a tentative appointment the next day, but the problem had mitigated with the use of the drops. However, after about three days, I stopped using the drops, and mild pain returned then abated again, and even had some mild pain in left eye. So resumed the eye drops again on Monday. Still feel mild pain in right eye, although not visible and not sensitive to light. (Additional information: take Restasis for dry eye since 2003 as well as Patanol. I did notice some eye sorness, not really pain, when using the Restasis a few days prior to mile eye pain).I have my annual optometrist visit tonight at 6:00. I know one of the tests performed uses the tonometer, which when I had my last infection hurt like heck. I was a bit perturbed at my ophthalmologist when I called to mention the pain persisting, and she said what did I expect with a corneal ulcer. I told her that she never told me I had a corneal ulcer.So question is: Should optometrist have the skill to note if problem with my eye(s), should I avoid using the tonometer (been a couple years since have had used on me), and should I still go to my ophthalmologist or under what conditions would make it advisable? Also, how long should I continue the drops with resuming taking yesterday? Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Eye
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I just spoke with my opthomogist's assistant, and she stated if not better in a couple days to come in. The assistant said that the optometrist should be qualified to diagnosis if a problem is present. Regarding the tonometer she said it needs to be done. When I required why. she stated because a corneal ulcer can cause the pressure to rise to unsafe levels. I told her that another ophthalmologist in the office said that a problem does not exist with the drops unless used for an extended period (I had queried him about the use for three weeks, and he stated no problem.) The assistant said today that after one week that the drops can cause the pressure to rise to unsafe levels, and that the doctor may be liable if she doesn't check the pressure, and that she still may check even in the presence of a corneal ulcer.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
edit: not corneal ulcer can cause pressure to go up, but drops
Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 1 year ago.

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