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I have woken with a bruise on the inside corner of my left

Customer Question

I have woken with a bruise on the inside corner of my left eye lid.
Am concerned as have not had anything like this before
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  eyesight2020 replied 1 year ago.


Could you take a picture?

Is it on the lid or white part of the eye?

Are you taking any blood thinner meds?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
no it is only on the lid not the white of the eye.
No I am not on blood thinners - am taking APO - CANDERSARTAN (candesartan cilexetil) 4 mg daily - for high Blood Pressure.
Expert:  eyesight2020 replied 1 year ago.

Could it be possible you poked yourself while sleeping?

Best to have it evaluated by your eye doctor.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
no I don't think I poked it while sleeping - just noticed it when I woke and it is not sore at all.
My Optometrist said (approx. 2 months ago) that I had 'pending' norrow angled Glaucoma - (if I have this correct.)
Please let me know what symptoms this causes.
although I do not have pain in the bruised eyelid - I do get pain intermittently in the eye ball.
Expert:  eyesight2020 replied 1 year ago.

Narrow angles is found in patients,providing there are no other issues,who are far farsighted or have denser cataracts .

The symptoms of narrow angle glaucoma are: eye pain,halos around lights,mid dilated pupil in the involved eye,headache,nausea,vomiting,and redness .

It is possible he saw that you have narrow angles with an increase in eye pressure.So he is monitoring this for you.If the pressures keeps elevating,he would probably refer you out for a prophylactic laser peripheral iridotomy.Which is basically just putting a pinhole in the clored part of your eye,the iris,which will alleviate any sudden increase in pressure.

The bruise along the lid would not be related to this.

Additionally some people can have eye pains secondary to dry eyes.

Have you been evaluated for this.

At any rate if you have any of the mentioned above symptoms,you should go back to your doctor immediately.

If it is a nonspecific eye pain with a sandy gritty feeling it could just be dry eyes syndrome which can be treated with artificial tears.

In any case it is always best to return to your doctor to have him evaluate what the exact cause is.

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If you have more questions feel free to ask

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you for your reply - just one other thing I would be grateful to get your opinion on is that if I ever have a glass of Alcohol - I do notice that I seem to get pain in side or my eye - mainly just the one eye.
could this be a side affect of the alcohol? I would be very interested to know this - also would it be anything to do with the pending glaucoma?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
sorry - correction: Pain in the outside of my left eye.
Expert:  eyesight2020 replied 1 year ago.

I do not believe an occasional glass of alcohol can be a cause of your eye pain.

Howeverdue to your hstory of narrow angles and complaint of eye pain I would be best to be evaluated by your doctor.

There are case of subacute angle closures that can occur in people with narrow angles.

So the best thing to do if you are having any isssues with the eye pain and any of the symptoms mentioned above such as halos around lights ,to go to your doctor and have your eye pressures evaluated.

thank you

Expert:  eyesight2020 replied 1 year ago.