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Dr. A.S. Desai
Dr. A.S. Desai, Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  MS Ophthalmology with 13 years of surgical expereince
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I am just doing so research. my daughter has an eye swollen

Customer Question

i am just doing so research. my daughter has an eye swollen shut and an ophthalmologist yesterday prescribed her an antibiotic but the swelling and pain is still there. she is going to see him in about an hour and I was just looking to be as educated as I can be
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. A.S. Desai replied 1 year ago.


There can be different causes for swelling around the eye such as allergy or pre-septal cellulitis. An allergic reaction can occur due to allergy to allergen in the air/food or following an insect bite and so on. A pre-septal cellulitis can occur following swelling of the eye due to infection arising from the sinuses such as ethmoidal sinus or maxillary sinus or even following trauma. since your daughter's eye was examined by an ophthalmologist who has prescribed an antibiotic , I guess he must have thought it to be pre-septal cellulitis. Oral antibiotics are the mainstay of treatment and are given for 7-10 days along with supportive therapy of anti-inflammatory medicines. Normally it takes about 24-48 hours for improvement to be noticed. If no improvement is seen then a culture and sensitivity of possible source of infection is done and appropriate antibiotics are to be started. An ENT exam might be required to rule out sinusitis as the source of infection.

However considering the fact that oral antibiotics were started only yesterday, I guess another 24 hours can be given to look for improvement. Sometimes switching over to injectable antibiotics is more effective.

Expert:  Dr. A.S. Desai replied 1 year ago.

Is there anything else that I can answer for you?

Expert:  Dr. A.S. Desai replied 1 year ago.

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Thank you and best wishes.

It was a pleasure to have answered this question.


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