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Is it OK to have PRK done on one eye at a time? Is that a

Customer Question

Is it OK to have PRK done on one eye at a time?
Is that a common practice?
I am somewhat far-sighted (+ 2 or so) in both eyes. I wear glasses only for reading. I'm hoping to get my distance vision optimized, reduce eye strain, and hopefully also not need my reading glasses for a few years.
But I live alone and I need to work. I'm worried about the long recover time associated with PRK, so I wanted to have only 1 eye done at a time so I can rely on the other eye while I heal. But the DR said something about the muscles of my eyes being connected, and about balance issues. I didn't really understand what he was saying since I only got to talk to him for about 2 minutes.
Can't I just pop out one lens of my glasses after I get surgery on one eye, and then after that eye fully heals, get the other eye done, and get rid of the glasses all-together? (I don't want LASIK because I don't like the "Flap" idea, and I don't want my eyes to be permanently weakened.)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Gehring replied 1 year ago.

Hi there, it is completely OK to have one eye operated on first and let the second follow about a week later. Your eye coordination will not be affected. Most people have both eyes done together, because they don't have to bother with the longer healing time twice.

Just to make it quite clear: You will optimize your near vision, not need rereading glasses any more for some years , but don't change your distance vision.

Good luck!