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Kmad3412, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Ophthalmologist with fellowship training in the areas of oculoplastic surgery and neuro-ophthalmology.
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Wife has a sty on edge of left eye lid.What are treatment

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Wife has a sty on edge of left eye lid. What are treatment alternatives? Could it be an infected eyelash  instead?

Also, coincidently family dog, age 9, has contracted bronchitis(aka kennel cough) could the viruses be related?

Initially, it is best to manage a stye conservatively with warm compresses. Sometimes a topical or oral antibiotic is needed if the stye is acutely infected and getting bigger. This is called a hordeolum. Once the stye or hordeolum resolves you are sometimes left with a hard bump that is not painful or tender to touch. This is called a chalazion. This may resolve on its own with warm compresses and eyelid hygiene over several weeks. However, it is does not resolve the most common treatment is incision and drainage of the lesion. Another possible treatment is to inject a steroid into the bump but this is a second line treatment.
To answer your other question. It is possible to have an infected lash follicle but this is far less common. Management would be similar if it where the case.
Also, I do not think this is related to your dogs recent viral infection. The infection on the eyelid is usually due to a bacterial infection of the glands of the eyelid not a viral infection.
I hope this has answered your questions. Although, I am submitting this as an answer, please let me know if you have any other questions.
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