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Dr. Dan B.
Dr. Dan B., Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Eye surgeon experienced in cataracts, glaucoma, retina & neuro-ophthalmology
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I am currently taking 150mg 2x/day of Lyrica and started a

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I am currently taking 150mg 2x/day of Lyrica and started a steroid pack on Wednesday. About 2 hours ago I noticed blurred vision in my left eye. Upon closer inspection, there is bleeding in the iris. Is this an emergency or can I wait until tomorrow and see if it clears up. I have not had any trauma to the eye.

Dr. Dan B. : Hello and thanks for your question. When you say bleeding on the Iris, are you referring to the colored part of the eye or the white part of the eye?

Colored part

Dr. Dan B. : Is the white part of the Eyr red? Is there any pain, light sensitivity, or nausea?

The white is only slight red, there is no light sensitivity or nausea although I haven't eaten anything today due to pain from recent back surgeries.


There is slight burning.

Dr. Dan B. : I'm sorry. My sick four-year-old daughter who was sleeping just woke up abruptly and threw up all over herself. Can i put you on hold for 5-7 minutes?


Dr. Dan B. : I'm sorry about the delay. Are you taking any blood thinners such as warfarin, Coumadin, Plavix, or aspirin? Do you have sickle cell trait or sickle cell disease? Do you have diabetes?

None of the above

Dr. Dan B. : Okay thank you for your patience. Based on your answers to my questions, this can likely wait until tomorrow. Just take it easy, do not strain yourself, don't rub the eye, and try not to read tonight. Watching TV and other distance vision activities should be fine though.

Alright. I still a bit concerned as the bleeding has become more pronounced since this chat started. Should I discontinue the Lyrica or the steroid pack?

Dr. Dan B. : By more pronounced, do you mean that the spot of blood on the iris is a little larger, or is the blood now layering out at the bottom of the eye?

The blood in the iris is larger and more red.

Dr. Dan B. : If the blood gets a little bit larger, then I still think you're okay to wait until tomorrow. However, if the blood starts to layer out at the bottom of the eye then you really want to seek help from ophthalmologist tonight. However, many emergency rooms and dont have Ophthalmology staff on call. So you need to make sure where you went did have an ophthalmologist on-call.

Thank you for your advice. I'll watch and wait.

Dr. Dan B. : My pleasure. Do you have any other questions about this?

Any speculation on what may have caused this? I've been in bed most of the day watching TV and using heating pads on my back, hip and leg, so I haven't done anything to exert myself.

Dr. Dan B. : To be quite honest with you, I have never in my career seen a spontaneous bleeding of the Iris someone who does not have sickle cell disease, sickle trait, I trauma, or diabetes. It is exceedingly rare. So my guess is that one of these things could possibly be behind it and just not have been discovered yet. Also if you take other blood thinners like ibuprofen, motrin, aleve, naprosyn, garlic, ginseng, ginko biloba or vitamin E this could also predispose you to this.
Dr. Dan B. : Do you have any other questions or concerns about this?

None of those apply. I am not taking any blood thinning agents as another surgery in imminent.

Dr. Dan B. : In that case, I think the only thing that may discover the reason why you are having bleeding in the eye is an eye exam by an ophthalmologist. Do you have vascular disease such as clogged carotid arteries?

No clogged arteries to my knowledge. The only recent change has been the increased dosage of Lyrica for neuropathic pain.


and the steroid pack.

Dr. Dan B. : Looking at the monogram of the prescribing information for Lyrica, there is a rare side effect of eye hemorrhages though it is not going to detail about what particular kind of hemorrhage that is typical. I would recommend decreasing your Lyrica back to its previous dose, calling your doctor who prescribed it in the morning, and then also seeing the ophthalmologist tomorrow.

Thank You and I hope your daughter feels better soon.

Dr. Dan B. : Thank you for your empathy. I wish you good luck and I will try to check in with you in a few days to see how you are doing and what your doctors found out. Your feedback is important to me and will help me improve my encounter with future customers. Please rate your encounter with me by providing positive feedback (by pressing the smiley face); any bonus you may feel prompted to provide would be welcomed and is appreciated. If you feel like your concerns are not resolved or you have a problem or issue with anything I have said or haven’t said, please don’t issue a negative feedback rating—My goal is your satisfaction and I would rather work together to solve your concerns, until you are satisfied, than have you leave our encounter unhappy and unsatisfied. My opinion is solely informative and does not constitute a formal medical opinion or recommendation. For a formal medical opinion and/or recommendation you must see an eye doctor. Thanks for your inquiry!
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