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Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom, Board Certified MD
Category: Eye
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Experience:  30 years experience treating patients with eye problems
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I had eye surgery to have a lense put inmy eye. It has been

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I had eye surgery to have a lense put inmy eye. It has been six weeks and I still have blurry vision and double vision inthat eye


Dr. Tom :

Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom : You appear to be off-line. I will standby to help answer your question when you're available. When you check back in, please leave a time for me to contact you to chat about your question.

RI am online now if it is convenient for you.

Dr. Tom : If you are available now will get started?
Dr. Tom : Claudia, I am sorry you're having these problems. May I ask you a couple of additional questions to get started?


Dr. Tom : Great, give me a minute to type a couple of questions. Okay?


Dr. Tom : Have you had your final check up with your ophthalmologist? Did he say if you had any swelling, inflammation or complications at surgery? Have you been checked for a new eyeglass prescription for your eye since surgery?

I have one more follow-up appt. He said I may need glasses for the double vision but he doesnt know why I have blurryvision.


He says my eye has healed well

Dr. Tom : Thanks for that information. In the past have you ever had any other diagnoses like dry Eye or macular degeneration?

No. My first surgery onthis eye was last year. The machine used for my surgery spit a pie e of metal into my which broke the capsule. Approx. 8 months later the new lense came loose and settled at the bottom of my eye. This past Aug. I had the new surgery to remove the old lense and replace it. He could not get the metal out.

Dr. Tom : Claudia, while I'm waiting on your answer to that last question I'll give you a little information that may be helpful. There is a good chance that when your doctor gives you your glasses to correct the little bit of double vision you have, that it will also correct the blurriness. Sometimes there is a little post operative dryness to the eye, and the use of over-the-counter artificial tears can help with blurriness. Occasionally the blurriness comes first from some mild swelling that simply hasn't completely cleared yet. Your doctor can do an office scan to look for that type of swelling. Does that information help you?
Dr. Tom : Claudia now that I see the new information, I would suspect that there might be a little bit of swelling. I would ask my doctor to get an examination called an OCT to look for retinal swelling. Does that make sense?

Does that come from the metal?

Dr. Tom : Actually, the swelling is a part of your body's attempt to heal itself and it can come from many causes. But the good news is that with appropriate treatment there is a very good chance for improvement in your blurriness. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

What would the appropriate treatment be so I can ask about it?


What is the appropriate treatment so I can ask him about it?

Dr. Tom : Well, there could be a number of options for treatment and without being able to perform an examination on your eye it's difficult to be absolutely specific. But, as an example, if you had retinal swelling two of the common treatments include steroid eyedrops and certain types of injections which helped shrink the swelling. Since it has only been six weeks since your surgery, it makes sense that your ophthalmologist is waiting a bit to allow the eye to go through the full healing process. It sounds like he is a very competent surgeon and will certainly be able to determine the cause of both the double vision and blurriness. This is fairly common in people have to have a second operation. It just takes a little longer for the hide to recover. Under the circumstances of today's conversation, I would certainly encourage you to be patient and and anticipate continued improvement. Is there anything else you would like to ask?

No. Thank you very much.

Dr. Tom : You are very welcome, and you have my very best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Dr. Tom : I'll switch our chat over to the format where you can rate my help to you today. Thank you very much
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