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Dr. Dan B.
Dr. Dan B., Board Certified Ophthalmologist
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My 21 month old had a frontalis suspension weak

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My 21 month old had a frontalis suspension weak levators. She had dissovable stitches that dissoved on the incisions above her eyebrows. 3weeks later and today she has a white internal stitch sticking out through where the dissovable stitches were. My childs father doeant want him to see her anymore. What can we do with this string thats sticking out cause she pulls it. Can this be cut?
Dr. Dan B. : Hello and thanks for your question. Is there a significantly large gap in the skin that this is jutting through?

I am checking now.


It looks like a sore with the stitch in the center.

Dr. Dan B. : Does it hurt your child if you touch it?

no. It doesn't.

Dr. Dan B. : Is it red and puffy around the suture?

Can I send you a picture of it.

Dr. Dan B. : Yes, you can post a picture to your next reply.

ok just a sec


I will have to send it to you in a direct e-mail

Dr. Dan B. : Unfortunately we are forbidden to get emails through this service. Instead you may try this;
Dr. Dan B. : Save your picture on your computer, someplace easy to find it such as your desktop.Go to www.tinypic.comUpload your picture to the site by browsing for it as directed.This opens up files on your computer. Double click on the picture you want to upload then hit open (bottom right of the screen). This will take you back to the tinypic page. Hit "upload now" then do the secret code thing and your picture will upload into the system.Once you do that it gives you a bunch of links you can use, one of which says "direct link for layouts" It is important to use this box. It is the fourth one down from the top of the page.Copy the link from inside this box and then paste it into your justanswer dialog box and send it to your expert.

What it looks like and feels like is if you.scrqpe your knee and it is healing and has formed a scab. From the scab, the suture is sticking through. It is hard to the touch.

Dr. Dan B. : Okay. Because this suture, which should be beneath the skin, is now exposed, there is a possibility of infection. I would recommend that, at the very least, you make a call to your surgeon's office and notify them. They may elect to watch it but they may also choose to do something else entirely. I know that the child's father doesn't want her to go back but not to follow through with this could mean sime trouble for your child, potentially. Does this make sense?

It's still not allowing me to send you the picture.. I'm sorry.

Dr. Dan B. : No problem. Your explanation was sufficient. Did you get my response?
Dr. Dan B. : Do you have any other questions about this?

Yes sir I did.. What happened is that when this happened the surgeon on duty would not see her and made her wait for 2weeks til the surgeon who performed her surgery returned.


Its like they knew something was wrong but did not want to touch it. Doyou not think it is wise to cut the part that is sticking out? She can pull it all the way out?


Will that make it worst or you don't suggest that?

Dr. Dan B. : How long is the part sticking out?

It looks to be healing but the suture is pushing through the skin. This is causi.g the scab to form.


Just like you have a button and you have finished sewing it and you tie it into a knot and you cut it off.. It would be that knot and a little before the knot. Not a full inch.. enough if you pinch with your first finger and thumb.. it would cover the whole suture.


well.. the part that is sticking out.


she actually pulls the string and doesnt cry when she pulls it.

Dr. Dan B. : I would recommend trimming it flush with the skin, but not pulling on it to do so. Then put the Neisporin on it and a band-aid over it, changing the band-aid once a day. If the wound opens up or the skin around it gets red and tender and puffy then you need to be insistent that someone in that practice see you before then. Make sense?

Yes. That makes a lot of sense. one last question.


what is a suture?

Dr. Dan B. : The stitch.
Dr. Dan B. : Do you have any other questions about this?

ok. no I dont but thank you.

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