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Dr. A.S. Desai
Dr. A.S. Desai, Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  MS Ophthalmology with 13 years of surgical expereince
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HI Doctor~I wore my contact yesterday ~ instead of spending

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HI Doctor Desai~~I wore my contact yesterday ~ instead of spending a lot of time on my computer I washed my hair and did housework~ it did not bother my eye at all~but it is again today~ this is the new one the Optomatrist gave me that she says fits and has good vision~it does have very good vision~ but why would it not bother me one day and yet the next~I did put drops in all day~ I hate to put my old one in with that small tear ~ more like a hole~ on the side of it~she worded it like I could in an emergency~ as it is outside the cornea and on the white of my eye~I want this new one to work so badly and wonder why some days are okay~ which thus encourages me~it sounds like computer problems ~what do you think now~Martha

Hello Martha,

It is good to know that the new lens give you good vision and fit well. As for the occasional discomfort( which aggravates with sitting in front of the computer)it is most likely to be due to tear film issues. Though you are putting eye drops for lubrication regularly, it takes time for stability of the tear film to occur. You can give it another 2-3 weeks and keep using the lubricating eye drops frequently. A new pair of contact lenses are likely to cause discomfort until the eyes get used to them. It is a matter of time before you get used to them. If there was to be a problem with the lens, you would have felt the discomfort at all times continuously.

Thank you and best wishes


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I guess my old contact was over 5 years old or more and was one that you cleaned everyday~I feel it was time for it to be replaced~yet I knew I could always rely on it~ although at times it too felt uncomfortable~this one I did not feel that one day and yet do somewhat again today~ do you feel it is just adjusting to it~it is not sore~I just feel it there and I heard one should not feel them at all~it is for a different reason also than a cosmetic one~it replaces the lens missing in my eye~ it is replaced every month and sounds like perhaps this is more sterile and easier to look after besides~it is also made of a thinner material and to me should actually feel more comfortable than my old big thick one~plus I would not have the worry of damagaing it or losing it~ as you have a month's supply~ and NOT just one~ no doubt computer use bothers it also~another thought is since I washed my hair that day it felt good~maybe all the white goopy stuff from my glaucoma drops washed out~ it is called Azopt~it tends to leave a white film in the eye~ could that be it also~could it bother my contact in other words~I did baby shampoo wash today to try this out~Martha~I heard today that you should not put your contact lens in until at least 15 minutes after you put your glaucoma drops in your eye~ I did not know that and that may be part of my problem~

You have observed a very important aspect that associated blepharitis (inflammation of the lids) can cause irritation and add to the dry eyes. Since you felt some amount of relief after you used shampoo, I guess it could have contributed. The other thing which have noted about Azopt eye drops is also true. This eye drops contains a preservative called benzalkonium chloride which can cause irritation. Other side effects of Azopt include dry eyes, blurring of vision , irritation , itching. The benzalkonium chloride can also cause deposits over the contact lenses and hence the drops should be put 15 minutes prioe to wearing the contacts. You can follow the above measures and look for improvemen of symptoms. I hope you get relief soon. Take care.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Doctor~My eye is not hurting as much today~ but I still feel discomfort and yet it looks okay~ I did not put the lens in~I got a new one yesterday which is good~when I put it in again I feel discomfort~ so I feel perhaps my eye is not healed yet~ yet Tuesday it felt real good~ I don't think I should wash the Azopt out of my eye after using it~ the Specialist said ~I called this Morning~ to wait a half hour before putting in the lens~would all the bad effects of Azopt eventually leave my eye so I can wear the lens~ my old heavier one did not seem to feel so uncomfortable and I am sick about ruining it with nail glue~ although it was very old~ I would eventually have to replace it~Martha I was told to wash my lids with baby shampoo~would this also help before I put the lens in~if I wash out my eye a half hour later ~ as an example~ would the Azopt by that time have entered my eye where it is supposed to go~

Yes, you can wait for half an hour after putting the Azopt eye drops and then wear the contact lens. The medicine would have got absorbed by then. You can even put in a drop of lubricating eye drop just before wearing the contact lens. You can continue with the lid scrubs with baby shampoo before putting eye drops or wearing the contact lens. Start with the lid scrub, wait for a few minutes and then put the Azopt eye drop, wait for half an hour, put a drop of lubricating eye drop and then wear the contact lens. I hope this routine would help you with the symptoms.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Doctor~I noted another thing to why perhaps my old contact~ it was over 5 years old or more~ but for some reason felt better than the new ones~it is also hard now to get my measurements~ but I wondered if part of it was that I used a much different cleaning system on my old one~it was an over night disinfecting type by CIBA vision and you had to soak it for 6 hours all night and then rinse it with a saline solution before putting it in your eye~it was much more work and first you scrubbed it with a cleanser also first~ the new ones use Re Nu all in one simple short step~maybe this new solution did not clean the new contact from the residue from my glaucoma drops as well~I just thought of this today~I liked the new simple way better of course~I am sick about spoiling my old lens~I cut the damaged part off~ but I suppose it should never be used again or can it be repaired someplace~they don't make them anymore~does this new idea make any sense~Martha~

It is more likely to be due to some residual protein deposits on the contact lens surface rather than the residual Azopt eye drops.Renu multi purpose solution is no doubt a good cleaning and disinfecting solution. Maybe you can soak the lens for 4 hours once a week to get rid of any protein residual matter.

As for repair of torn contacts then No, it is not done.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Doctor~I feel so discouraged with m new contact~ as you know it is one for my eye that had cataract surgery and thus is a different prescription and they seem limited to where you can get them~there are not a whole lot of choices~I am embarrassed to keep calling my Optomatrist for possible reasons~ it can feel good for a time and then all of a sudden ~ like today~ my eye feels sore~ whereas yesterday it did not as much~even being on the computer~I think she thinks I am over re~ acting~ today I waited to put it in far past the time I put my glaucoma drops in~the eye seems to look okay~ not real red even~I hope the 8.60 and 8.30 does not make a big difference~ she says not~plus they don't come in a 8.30 always~ I can see well with it~so that is the frustrating part~and it is not that I can switch to glasses~I can't wear my old one~ which has to have been over 5 years old~ as I ruined it with nail glue~it was time to retire it I am sure anyway~have you any idea to why it feels okay at times and not others~Martha~PS~Would posture have anything to do with it~yesterday I had a friend over ~ whereas most days I am alone~

Sorry for the delay in replying back.

I don't think posture would have anything to do with the discomfort in the eye with the contact lens. it really seems bad that you have had to go through so much of problems with the contact lens fitting. The very fact that you feel alright at some time and also during the fitting of the trial lens shows that the fit must have been good ( ill fitting lens would have made your eye sore constantly).You are right that you cannot switch over to glasses either.I wonder if it is due to protein deposits( weekly cleaning would help)/associated blepharitis ( the lid scrub with baby shampoo will help). You can put more of the lubricating eye drops such as Systane eye drops, 1 drop 5-6 times a day.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks~ I have the lens in now and thus far it feels okay~ would the 8.30 and the 8.60 size make much difference~Martha~

If it feels comfortable, then I guess it should not cause much of a difference. It basically tells whether the lens is a flat fit or a steep fit. This would depend on the curvature of the cornea. Presently the lens seems to have fit well as noted by the optometrist. Try to give the lens some more time .
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