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Hi, I have had various aches beneith my ribs. Either one or

Customer Question

Hi, I have had various aches beneith my ribs. Either one or both sides. Constantly sore throat, pluracy, red eyes, sore throat, ears, runny tummy, heart pulpatations, fever etc. After honestly feeling so exhausted and tired, out of breath, heavy breathing and heart beating and skipping worse. Coughing green sticky gue as well as green from nose non stop. Many antibiotics and cortisone. The dr asked if he could do a Coxsackie Virus tedt on me. Well all B1-6 came back, mostly with a count of 640/650 on 2 I had counts of 340/360. I have had several more test done. They keep coming back with high counts, at times little lower and then up again. Questions: Am I ever going to heal? Had dr friends saying no cure? Heart failure in most cases? One week up next down? Am I going to continue feeling like this for the rest of my life? Is there any given life expectency? Thank you so much. T.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. David replied 3 years ago.
This is Dr. David

sorry you are not feeling well.

sounds like you have any issues going on.

you need a heart evaluation with EKG, cardiac echo to check on why you are having these heart palpitations. have you had these tests yet? a cardiac echocardiogram can be a first test to see if you have weakness of your heart and possible heart failure.

you need to have your thyroid TSH levels checked. low TSH levels below 0.3 could mean hyperthyroidism and this can cause heart palpitations. what was your most recent TSH level?

I would get the coxackie test to see.

do you have acid reflux? this can cause sore throat and pain below the ribs in the stomach area from gastritis. have you tried stomach acid blocking agents?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No have had all these answers given to me by local docters. I wanted to know if there is any hope recovering or getting treatment for coxsackie virus and what to expect health wise? According to them thete us nothing more they can do for me! If so then fine. Yes to all of the above...I have my thyroid checked, going in for gastroscopy and colonoscopy again been on so mamy antibiotics and cortisone. So far nothing has been working. Only get tablets for heart pupatations and believe the cell membrane around the heart rupture. But that I already know.
Expert:  Dr. David replied 3 years ago.
why did you rate poor service,

this goes on our record.

there is definitely hope of recovering from coxsackie virus. sometimes it can take more time, but patients recover all the time

I am glad you are getting endoscopy scope procedures

have you had blood testing to check for autoimmune disorders?