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Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom, Board Certified MD
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I accidentally used otic solution (neomycin and polymyxin B

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I accidentally used otic solution (neomycin and polymyxin B sulfates) in my eye a few days ago without realizing it. Yesterday, I looked at the bottle and realized my mistake. i have been flushing my eye out with saline and water. my vision is still blurry in my left eye, even with glasses on. I do have a chalazion on the eyelid, so could that be contributing to the blurriness? Or have I done permanent damage?

Dr. Tom : Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom
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Dr. Tom : Hello, I'm very sorry that you have this problem, but I would like you to know that it is really far more common than you think. Many people make the Same mistake and I have treated many folks for it. Fortunately it has very little chance of causing you any harm Give me just a second to write a couple of recommendations.
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thank you

Dr. Tom : While it is possible that the sty you are dealing with could have a small part to play with the blurriness you're experiencing, is for more likely that the blurriness is just a temporary upset in your tear film. So it would be a good idea to use a lot of over-the-counter artificial tears to help reestablish and stabilize the tears. Sustain used to three or four times a day is often very effective. Does this make sense so far, may I answer anything else for you tonight?
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yes. Should I use Sustain for a few days? I had been using Bausch & Lomb eyewash as well as Refresh Tears.

Dr. Tom : Using one over-the-counter eye drop should be sufficient. Systane is really good because it has the ability to stabilize the tear film it tends to last longer between applications.
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okay thank you

Dr. Tom : May I answer anything else for you tonight?
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no thank you

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