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Dr. Dan B.
Dr. Dan B., Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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The last 3-4 mornings, I've been waking up with the

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Good morning. The last 3-4 mornings, I've been waking up with the cloudiness in my eyes. I wear contacts that are Monthly wear, so I thought it was caused by the contacts. It's been a tough week and I know if I cry in my contacts they develop a cloudiness on the lenses, so, I just assumed it was from crying, except, when I take the contacts out to clean them, the cloudiness is still there. I have an opthalmic antiobioc drop on hand, and for the last two mornings I've used (without contacts in my eyes) to help with the cloudiness and it does seem to help, but I'm wondering what's causing the cloudiness to begin with. I did notice that my contact in my right eye was so stuck to my eye when I woke up, that even using a wetting drop didn't help much so that when I removed the contact, it was like I was literally pulling a bandaid off my eye (so to speak) and it hurt a little when doing this. That hurt went away after a few minutes and my eyes returned to it's normal wetness. I've never had dry eye before (in fact the opposite), but lately, overnight, they seem drier. If it matters, I am 44 yrs old. Sorry for the "book", just wanted to give all info that might be needed.
Doctor DanB : Hello and thanks for your question. Are you available to chat?
Doctor DanB : I suspect that your corneas are beginning to decompensate. Your corneas require the oxygen from the air for most of its nutrients. When you have a contact lens on your eye night and day, this severely cuts down on the oxygen that the cornea gets. When this happens the cornea started to have problems pumping water out of it. It gets better after you wake up and take the contacts out because the cornea is receiving more oxygen. In addition to this problem, however, when you're in contacts at night you at risk for overwhelming eye infection. I would start by recommending you stop wearing contacts while you sleep. This will give you time to rest the Cornea to recover from wearing the contacts all day and will also decrease your chances of infection. Does this make sense?
Doctor DanB : Do you have any other questions about this?

Give me one sec to read through your response.


Thank you for the response. It does make sense, but just so I'm clear, this lack of oxygen would make it so the eye itself was cloudy (even without contacts in)? I've been wearing contacts since I was a teenager and have never had problems before. This issue just came up in the last 3 days, so it was rather sudden.

Doctor DanB : Yes, you've got this right. This effect is happening on the cornea and is happening likely because of the accumulative wear contacts. So if you have been wearing contacts for only a year and not been wearing them at night I would not expect to this happen. But given the years of long where on the Cornea I suspect it's starting to happen now. As to why It's happening now, there's no rhyme or reason, other than this is likely the time that your cornea has had enough.

Thank you, Sir. I will get into the routine of not sleeping in my contacts at night to give my eye a break. I usually do this over the weekends, but suspect that's not enough of a rest for my eyes. I'm lucky enough that I can see fairly well without corrective lenses at all and typically only wear contacts to provide a "sharpness" to my vision (I had RK when I was in my early 20's).


Thank you for your help!

Doctor DanB : My pleasure. Any other questions about this?

I am in desperate need of a new pair of glasses, so maybe this is the time to finally get that taken care of.


No, nothing else. Thank you!

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