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Glare and sunlight sensitive after Eye Exam

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Hi, I'm 41 years old male. I've just had a Lasik surgery on my Right eye about 6 months ago. It was performed by Dr. Boutros at the Eye Center. Last week I've just come back local branch center for regular checkup. I don't know why my O.D checked both of my eyes. Both of my eyes were excellent that morning before she used a super bright light to look into my eyes. When I got home, I've still had a very glare feeling in my eyes, specially my non-surgery (Left) eye. I thought it would go away soon, but it got worse for my left eye. After couple days, the glare feeling become very sensitive to sunlight. I've tried to make another appointment with different O.D to get second opinion and find out what happened to my left eye, but all O.D's were on vacation. So I ended up seeing the same O.D again. This time she looked inside my Left eye more thoroughly and took pictures of my eyes. She said she didn't see anything wrong with my eyes. I then went home and realized that my left eye even got worse. Now I can't read on computer screen with my left eye (it's used to be my reading eye), and I can't see my face on the mirror with my Right eye close. When I step outside the house, even with dark sunglasses after couple minutes my Left eye starts seeing big bright white cloud as if you look direct at the sun. I'm feeling like my left eye become blind soon. Can you please tell what happens to my poor eye and please advise me what I should do now? Thank you in advances.

Doctor DanB : Hello and thanks for your question. Why was LASIK not done in the left eye?



Dr recommend me to keep my left eye for reading

Doctor DanB : Do you know what your refractive error in that left eye is?

let me run down to get the record


I think it stated: -1.75

Doctor DanB : How long ago did you see the optometrist for the second time?

just yesterday

Doctor DanB : Any significant eye pain or redness with that glare?

it seems to get worse after she had the bright light into my eye,


no pain or redness at all


I can see a little bit better at night


after wake uup

Doctor DanB : How long ago was the first exam? Do you still have the glare & light-sensitivity?

but that vision still not as clear as I had before the eye exam


the checkup exam were:








and yesterday 06/26/13

Doctor DanB : Do you still have the glare and light sensitivity?

yes, and it's getting worse now

Doctor DanB : I assume you don't wear a contact lens in the left eye?

no, not at all

Doctor DanB : Did they check the pressure in your eyes each time?

yes, and she said it's normal


actually, she checked it yesterday

Doctor DanB : Did they do it with a little pen-like device that they tapped on your eye or with a blue-lot device that comes close to your eye?
Doctor DanB : That should say blue-light.

yes, a small blue circle light

Doctor DanB : Both times?

just yesterday though

Doctor DanB : What color are your eyes?


Doctor DanB : Light or dark?

couple days ago, I could read the computer screen


oh, sorry, it dark

Doctor DanB : How far away is your computer screen ?

couple days ago, I could read the computer screen barely, but now it's totally white


about 18 inch now

Doctor DanB : If you bring it a little closer can you see it?

yes, but the words seem glare


and get dotted or cut


not really clear though

Doctor DanB : Do you know what drops were used to dilate your pupils?

I really don't know, but it looked yellowish or brown to me.

Doctor DanB : So, one possible reason why you have continued to glare and light sensitivity is that they used a long-acting dilating drop called atropine to dilate your pupils. This can cause the eyes to be dilated for up to two weeks in some people. This can also make your near vision blurry for as long as these effects last.

so you think I should wait for it goes away before seeking for further diagnostics though

Doctor DanB : I think it would be worthwhile to continue to use the artificial tears for another week to see if these effects go away. Another reason that could cause these symptoms is if your cornea was scratched when they checked your pressure. But if it was scratched, this should heal within a few days so you can also rule that out but waiting another week.

you don't think the light she used really hurt my eye internally though?

Doctor DanB : As far as the near vision...
Doctor DanB : I suspect that this is due to a combination of having your eyes dilated twice in recent succession, as well as being mildly nearsighted and being near the age of the beginning of presbyopia.

I guess I would rather wait because now I'm scared of bright light into my left eye

Doctor DanB : Even prior to being dilated, viewing a monitor with your left eye 18 inches away was likely somewhat of a stretch for you given your level of nearsightedness in that eye. However, once the eyes are dilated, this can interrupt the tonic focus that the brain holds on the eyes and can make your control that you recently had less.

By the way, do you happen to know any experience O.D in Northern VA that you would recommend me if I'd would like to seek for help later on?

Doctor DanB : Unfortunately, I live in Oregon so I do not know anybody who practices in that area. However, if your symptoms continue after about one week, I would suggest that you abandon seeing the optometrist and go see an ophthalmologist. It sounds as though that you woukd then have some issues that would be best dealt with by a medical doctor. Does this make sense?

I've read couple review that there were couple people seemed to have similar problem like me, it made me a little bit afraid of left eye sudden goes blurry

Doctor DanB : I can understand this. However, ususlly these symptoms resolve adter a couple of weeks after the last exam so I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. Most likely, this will resolve. But, your near vision may continue to worsen a little bit because of presbyopia starting to set in.
Doctor DanB : Do you have any other questions about this?
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