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Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom, Board Certified MD
Category: Eye
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Experience:  30 years experience treating patients with eye problems
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Had a corneal transplant and a cataract on June 4, 2013. The

Customer Question

lI had a corneal transplant and a cataract on June 4, 2013. The white of the eye is all red. and black eye. How long will it take for the blood to go out of the eye? And is there any thing that I could do to help the blood in the eye. All of the white is all red.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Tom replied 4 years ago.
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Dr. Tom : The first thing that you should know is that you should not be particularly concerned about the redness. Your surgery was Just about a week ago and it is not surprising that you still have some redness. The redness is very much like a bruise. Your Body will resorb the blood. If the bruises were under the skin of your arm, for example, it would look purple. On the surface of The eye it looks red. But don't worry it will go away in time. There isn't any medication that you can use to hurry up the process. Does that make sense? Do you have any other concerns.

Will putting hot compress help?

Dr. Tom : Yes, warm compresses are beneficial in the postoperative phase. And you should certainly continue the instructions you were given by your ophthalmologists regarding your eyedrops. May I answer anything else for you tonight?

No, Thank you

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