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Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom, Board Certified MD
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"simple" episcleritis

Customer Question



Sorry for my bad english !


Im suffering of an episcleritis at both eyes since 14 years, every ophtalmologisy had diagnosed this.


So they gave me some products like non corticoid and corticoid treatment, and artificial tears ! More precisely vexol, vismed, and many others ...


Non corticoid and corticoid treatment worked well until one or two weeks after the treatment ; after this my eyes became redness and dry !


And also the same process, if i focus on anything without closing my eyes, my eyes become red ; same thing if i dont sleeping enough ...


in a classic day, my eyes are ok at the beginning of the journey, and more the day progress, more my eyes begin red ...


Also i have no allergy, i tested cheese, gluten (only on my arm and not stomach), mites etc ...


I dont know what can i do ...


Thanks for the help


ps : if i forgotten some informations dont hesitate to ask me !

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Tom replied 4 years ago.

Dr. Tom : Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom :

Since you are off line now, I will check back later to see when you would be available to chat about your eye problem.

Dr. Tom :

Please let me know when you are ready to chat about your eyes. There are a couple more things I'd like to ask that might help get to the best answer for you..

Dr. Tom :

Since you are still offline I will switch over to the Q and Q format, where you can ask a followup question.

Expert:  Dr. Tom replied 4 years ago.

From your posted history and question it sounds like you might have developed ocular tear film instability ( a form of dry eyes ) and that would explain the need to re-wet the eyes by blinking and why you start the day with comfortable eyes, after a good nights sleep, but they begin to burn as the day goes on. The dryness can also cause intermittent blury vision.


In treating many patients like this, usually the frequent use of an over the counter artificail tear that is designed to stablize the tear is very helpful for the systoms you describe. Systane is a good brand. And it can safely be use four or five times a day.


Please let me know if this information answers your question to your satisfaction, or if you have another question about your eye problem.

Expert:  Dr. Tom replied 4 years ago.

Hi Kevin,

This is just to check that you received my answer?

Expert:  Dr. Tom replied 4 years ago.

Hello again Kevin,

Please check back in so we can sign off. It's important because doctors who are here to help must get good ratings from costumers like you to continue to be available to help. Thank you.

Expert:  Dr. Tom replied 4 years ago.
Hi Kevin,
Please let me know if my answer helped.Doctors don't get paid anything if the customer doesn't give us a positive rating. Thank you.