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Doctor Natasha
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I have had some puffiness under my left eye on and off for

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Hi i have had some puffiness under my left eye on and off for that last several weeks. yesterday the same area swelled alot and the skin over became red and dry. I took a Benadryl to see if it would respond, but it just got more edematous. I have no redness, itching, or discharge from eye,no pain, and no other issues. I applied cold compresses which alleviated it somewhat, but area still swollen and skin red.
is the area surrounding the eye soft or firm? have you applied any lotions?
Any exposure to wind cold or sun?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

area is soft and I have applied Aquaphor today to red, dry area. I was outside but my face was shade by a hat.

Well, it is possible that you have some inflammation of the skin- the fact that it is soft implies that the skin is not infected (like a cellulitis)
Infected skin is hard and painful.
Edematous skin usually means inflammation from allergy or irritation from contact
Benadryl should help- you may just need to take more
As well, you can rub in a steroid cream like hydrocortisone 1% twice daily
Apply cool compress to the area.
If it gets worse, more painful or discharge, you need to see a physician
Do not apply any lotion other than mild moisturizing lotion like cetaphil with spf.
hang in there
Doctor Natasha and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank You!