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Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom, Board Certified MD
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Name's Alex. I was diagnosed with myopia since 12. When I

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Hi, name's***** was diagnosed with myopia since 12. When I was 16 peripheral retina degeneration(mostly lattice and snail) was discovered by another ophthalmologist. Round coagulation in several rows was conducted. Everything seemed OK until 20 when I had a sudden upper part retina detachment in my right eye with two holes present,which was discovered absolutely by chance, as a result local scleral buckle surgery was conducted. Since then 6 month passed, I had three accidental head blow (bumping into things), but right after that no changes were observed. After the last one (three weeks ago) a saw a doctor and she told me there was nothing wrong apart from snail ,which got out of coagulation bounds and advised seeing my regular retinist . Two weeks after that my retinist examined my eye and discovered newly appeared numerous tears in both eyes and recommended further coagulation. How can it be that it progressed so swiftly, or progressed at all(I'm taking eye supplements, do exercises all the time)?
Dr. Tom : Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom : Are you available to chat now?

Hi, doc

Dr. Tom : Give me a minute to type a response and then you can follow up with more questions.
Dr. Tom : I reviewed your posting and to answer your specific question let me make the following statements. There is the possibility that the first doctor was unable to detect new retinal tears, whereas a specially trained retinal surgeon is much more experienced and capable of finding small tears. However new tears in lattice degeneration are known to progress spontaneously and known to be influenced by head trauma. There is no known benefit to the use of exercises or nutritional supplements specifically related to Lattice retinal degeneration and subsequent retinal tears. Does this makes sense So far?

Can vasolidators be of use then? The first doctor was not really a specialist in retinology, but quite experienced nevertheless. Can these degenerations which occured after the trauma become evident later? And what about snail? It was the first thing discovered after the trauma, can it be dealt with using supplements?

Dr. Tom : May I ask you to clarify what you mean by the word"snail"?

I've also been coughing for the last month, though not severely. I meant Snail track, or it's just another part of lattice?

Dr. Tom : As you probably know, nutritional supplements are recommended for certain retinal diseases like macular degeneration, but not for lattice degeneration.

Can peripheral vasolidators be of use then?

Dr. Tom : Right, now I understand your comment about snail. Snail tracks are just a descriptive term relative to the pattern of lattice degeneration. That is not really indicative of any specific pattern of future degeneration.
Dr. Tom : Vasodilators are not known to be a treatment modality for lattice degeneration.

But lattice degeneration is mainly caused by lack of blood supply to retina, right? Besides,my snail tracks mainly coincide with renita's blood vessels, as my doctor told me.

Dr. Tom : Is there anything else that I can help you with today.

But lattice degeneration is mainly caused by lack of blood supply to retina, right? Besides,my snail tracks mainly coincide with renita's blood vessels, as my doctor told me.
Than is there any way to stop or slow down degeneration progression?

Dr. Tom : Yes, you are correct insofar as lattice degeneration does show areas of retinal ischemia and fibrosis in pathological studies but the cause of this has not yet been determined. Thus accordingly , there is no proven benefit from the use of vasodilators or specific nutritional supplements. I am sorry that there are no absolute answers for you with regard to anything that you can do to slow down lattice degeneration, but it certainly sounds like you are in the care of very competent physicians. Close observation Is the key. And my several decades of practice, I cannot recall a patient whose lattice degeneration could not be managed. It seems like this process is somewhat self-limiting as individuals get older. Is there anything else I may discuss with you.
Dr. Tom : By the way, do you live near a large academic teaching institution with a major eye department, or could you travel to one?

So that if cared properly it won't result into another detachment? And sooner or later it will slow down? Fine than) In my country there is no such institutions, at least in your understanding) I live in the capital, still)


And can genetic expertise be of use? We have none here anyway

Dr. Tom : Yes, I think your points are correct. The most important thing is that you respond immediately to any new symptoms and that you are in a routine follow-up relationship with the retina specialist. And after we finish our chat, I'm going to do a little further research relative to the nutritional aspect and if I find anything I will get back to you through the Internet portion of just answer. Is there anything else I can do?

That's all , than. Many thanks) I've also heard about a new treatment, creating a layer(?) between vitreous body and retina, but not commercially available still...


Shall I exit the chat room?

Dr. Tom : You are very welcome. I will get back to you if I pick up on anything that might be of interest to you.


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