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Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom, Board Certified MD
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Experience:  30 years experience treating patients with eye problems
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What does: Sph / cyl / axis: Rt +0.25, -100, 85 ; Left :C,

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what does: Sph / cyl / axis: Rt +0.25, -100, 85 ; Left :C, -050, 70 mean? Will I be better off with glasses? with both eyes.. i can see quite well... but, with only the right eye......a bit blurred

Actually......i'm also in the medical profession (non eye related) and at the OR... it requires good visual acuity ... want to ask if this will affect the precise acuity required

Dr. Tom :

Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question.I understand what you are asking. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom :

are you available to chat about your question now?


Hi Dr Tom..


yes.. thx

Dr. Tom :

OK..give me a minute to type a reply.


to add more info....I'm actually a urologist.


seems that none of my eye colleagues can give me an answer..

Something just happened, and I must start over...sorry give me a minute.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi.. i'm new to this system..

suddenly offline & asked for a rating..

Dr expert.... i just want to know the severity of my vision & whether i need glasses,, thx

Something just happened, and I must start over...sorry give me a minute.

Something erased my typed I will start over...sorry

firstly I say that

your refraction is very minimal , so it's not surprising that you see as well as you do .. The second observation is that, yes the use of that prescription could increase your visual precision, particularly in lowlight conditions , such as reading x-rays in a dark room .

Now to the explanation of your numeric refraction . in your right eyeyou have .25 of a spherical correction . This is meaningless , however, you have one diopter of astigmatism and that could be a useful prescription to use. in your left eye you have -.50 of spherical correction and that could give you a a little bit of blurred vision at distance. The last numbers in the formula are just the axis in which the astigmatism ne needs correction, please let me know if this clarifies your question and what else I can answer for you . again, I am sorry for the delay in your answer

So again, Doctor Ada, I too was knocked off-line. I apologize for that because it does make the flow of dialogue difficult. I hope my above explanation was what you needed, and again let me say that you have a very minor prescription. It certainly would not hurt you to go without the use of it, and even if you did use it, you would only see a minimal improvement in your already very good vision. If this satisfies your needs. Please re-rate the answer. We online doctors get a bad profile from poor ratings and I don't think you really meant to rate my help. for you so poorly. you will be able to re-rate my help for you, and continue to ask me questions until you're satisfied.

Dr. Tom and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thx Dr Tom.

I have rerated Excellent.

THanks for precise answer

Probably, wil get the glasses & wear on prn basis

thx again

Best wishes. is the market for ophthalmologists in Hong Kong?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The market for ophthalmologists is lucrative in Hk....
>80% of school children have myopia... I happen to be a minority
Many lasix / cataracts operations....
In the public setting... Clinic cases include >40 pts per session (4 hrs)
And btw.... Any conservative ie non operative means for improving astigmatism?
Thx dr Tom

Hello again Dr. Ada....the answer , and you probably already thought of it , is the use of a gas perm contact lens. It will flatten or mask the minimal toric status of your corneas. Here is a website that discusses a procedure that is somewhat related.

The procedure is not applicable to your eyes...but it's informative.

There are no, drops, salves or "potions" that will chance your minimum astigmatism.

You might be a candidate for a corneal relaxing procedure, but that is surgical, and you asked for non operative means.

So your best bet would be a trial of a gas perm CL.

Thank you for the information regarding Ophthalmology in HK. Can you add anything regarding availability or feasibility for an American ophthalmologist to find a locum tenens temporary position in the private or public setting in HK or who one might contact? Many thanks.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Dr. Ada,

Thank you for that information. I'll be in touch if anything comes from further inquiries.

Best wishes, Tom