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Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom, Board Certified MD
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in recent years I have suffered excessive sweating from the head on exertion. My doctor bl

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in recent years I have suffered excessive sweating from the head on exertion. My doctor blamed menopause, but after taking Promensil double strength for some time now, this condition has not improved. I am a 60yo nurse. This is effecting me terribly at work because exertion at work causes the sweat to pour from my head & this stings my eyes. I have been taking Oroxine for years for hyperthyroidism. Could there be a problem with my pituitary gland. So far doctors have not thought of this as a cause. If so, what tests do I need to have to detect problems with my pituitary gland.

Dr. Tom :

Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question.I understand what you are asking. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom

Customer: I am ready Dr Tom.
Dr. Tom :

Hi,'s nice to talk with a nurse. Thanks for the question. You may be onto something considering a pituitary cause. Your question got to me as an ophthalmologist because we are ofenn the first docs to pick up on the pit abnormalities. Actually a standard visual field test done at the time of a complete eye exam can detect abnornalities that lead to a confirmed diagnosis. And of course you know that blood studies and a cat scan will be involved. Does that make sense so far and what additional questions may I help you with?

Customer: It is great to hear this fro a Doctor. I have been suffering far too long with this problem & it is imbarrssing. I must look a real mess, & I am dripping all over the place. Yes it does make sense. I now have the confidence to go back to my doctor about these tests. I have hesitated for so long. Because what has been done so far has not helped. My mother, who passed away 6 years ago suffered in the same way. So could this be hereditary?
Dr. Tom :

I'm so glad this has helped. Also you might think about seeing an ophthalmologist because you really need to be checked out on your eyes anyway. If he finds anything in your visual fields it would add support for your other doctors to move forward with a pituitary work up. I doubt that it's hereditary. Best wishes .

Customer: Thank you for your much appreciated advice Dr Tom. I am due soon for an eye test anyway, so will make an appointment earlier rather than later.
Dr. Tom :

That sounds like the correct course.

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Thanks Cynthia



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