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eyedoctor29, Optometrist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  I have been an optometrist since 2003. I have a private practice, and I work closely with eye surgeons and other specialists.
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I have been at the doctor to day and have bronchitis. I am

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I have been at the doctor to day and have bronchitis. I am taken augmentum 850mg x2 Daily. I have been sneezing allot and blowing my nose, about 10 mins ago I blew my nose and some water flew out of my right eye, now it feel like air coming out if I blow?? What have I done?? Should I be worried?? I do suffer from anxiety and take 20mg (paroxatine) and have taken 0.5mg of lorzepam tonight for anxiety.
Many thanks, Ruth
eyedoctor29 :

I am happy to have the opportunity to help. Please let me know if you have any additional concerns that I have not addressed. Don't worry. This is common. It is not dangerous. The nasal passages are connected to the tear

eyedoctor29 :

drainage canals.

JACUSTOMER-g415gkak- : Ok thank you for this. Blowing my nose during the night or if I sneeze my eye won't fall out will it??
JACUSTOMER-g415gkak- : Sorry to ask such a silly thing?! If it persist should I visit my MD for a check?
eyedoctor29 : You will not damage your eye. You do not need to see anyone for this issue. It will stop when your nasal passages start to get better.
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