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If someone has had cataract surgery can they ever wear

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If someone has had cataract surgery can they ever wear contacts again, if ever needed ?
eyesight2020 :


eyesight2020 :

I will do my best to assist you.

eyesight2020 :

Having had cataract surgery ,if needed glssess or contacts can be worn.

eyesight2020 :

As long as your eyes are not severly dry and you can tolerate wearing contact lenses ,then there would be no reason why you could not wear contacts.


Just to clarify....So it would not hurt the new lens in the eye ?

eyesight2020 :

Your doctor may prescribe distance contacts where you would then need to use reading glassess over them,or bifocal contact lenses or monovision,in which one eye is for your distabce vision and the other eye for reading.

eyesight2020 :


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