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Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom, Board Certified MD
Category: Eye
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Experience:  30 years experience treating patients with eye problems
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I had a "modifird Mohs surgery" to remove melanoma from the

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I had a "modifird Mohs surgery" to remove melanoma from the left nose area. After the operations (April 2012) I could not breath thru my right side of my nose. Some swellening was present and I thought it would go away. Now several months later the swelling has moved up to just below my eye area and seems to being eo have affect on my vision. The selling has started to go down to my gum area of my top right mouth. What type of Doctor should I go to?
Dr. Tom : Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question.I understand what you are asking. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom

I am ready

Dr. Tom : As a physician who has also had MOHs for skin cancer given your posting Symtoms an oral surgeon would be a good first choice.

So, I should start with the surgeon that did the operation?


I want to add: not a nose or sinus type?

Dr. Tom : Yes, it is always a good idea to keep good rapport with your initial surgeon, But your posting seem to be asking the question has related to the new gum swelling.

well yes, as the swelling seems to be moving down from the lower eye area along the side of my nose to the gum area. The upper front teeth seem to be null.


I am sorry "numb"

Dr. Tom : It does sound like you have something else happening. So an alternative to the oral surgeon would be an ENT Head and neck cancer specialist. Do you live in a location convenient to that level of specialty care?

Close to Cambridge/Boston

Dr. Tom : May I Answer any more questions for you?

no, that should do it, thank you

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