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Dr. Dan B.
Dr. Dan B., Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Eye surgeon experienced in cataracts, glaucoma, retina & neuro-ophthalmology
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My husband is 72yrs.old ,is on Co-Candesartan 8mg ,1 in

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My husband is 72yrs.old ,is on Co-Candesartan 8mg ,1 in morning and 1Mylan-VerapamilSR 180mg before bed.He has been having itchy sore eyes and pain over his right eye especially if he coughs or even moves. He has been taking Tylenol and gravol as he also feels nauseated. his pressure has been going up all day. 9:30am 166/88-pulse 64, 2:45pm 169/92- pulse62,3:15pm 172/97- pulse64, 8:00pm 182/101- pulse 69. Is this a sign of stroke,what should I do, he does'nt want to go to the hospital?
Doctor DanB : Hello and thanks for your question. Is his vision changed at all?



Says you are offline, if so how will you answer my question?

Doctor DanB : Im here.
Doctor DanB : Hs symptoms do not sound consistent with a stroke, but allergic conjunctivitis instead.
Doctor DanB : there are some steps you can take to begin to rid yourself of its symptoms. First of all, it is important to control the eye's response to allergens and this would include taking an antihistamine drop; a couple of over-the-counter brand names include Alaway or Zaditor and they both work fairly well. If you try these and it helps but is not quite enough, then you may do better with a prescription allergy drop called Pataday which works very well.  If this still isnt enough then you may be necessary to start an oral antihistamine such as Claritin or zyrtec which you can buy over-the-counter if this isnt helping.     Lastly, cold compresses done several times/day can and will help the itching sensation and suppress the inflammation.Your symptoms should start to respond to this quickly. 
Doctor DanB : However, his blood pressure is at very high levels and needs to be attended to by a physician as soon as possible.

What about the blood pressure, would what you are indicating put his blood pressure up?

Doctor DanB : No, this shoudnt affect his blood pressure. The two processes are not related to each other. However, his blood pressure is at very high levels and needs to be attended to by a physician as soon as possible.

Thank you, ***** *****

Doctor DanB : Do you have any other questions about this that I can help you with?

Can you forward your answer to my email so I know what to get for his eyes,please.

Doctor DanB : There should be a link titled 'share' that you can hover your cursor over which should enable you to print or send this information to yourself in other ways. Do you see this?
Doctor DanB : If not, the same info can be found here:
Doctor DanB : Do you have any other questions about this?

No, I think you have given me the advice I needed. Thank you.

Doctor DanB : My pleasure. Good luck. Your feedback is important to me and will help me improve my encounter with future customers.  Please rate your encounter with me by providing feedback; any positive feedback and/or bonus you may feel prompted to provide would be welcomed and is appreciated.  If you feel like your concerns are not resolved or you have a problem or issue with anything I have said or haven’t said, please don’t issue a negative feedback rating—My goal is your satisfaction and I would rather work together to solve your concerns, until you are satisfied, than have you leave our encounter unhappy and unsatisfied.  My opinion is solely informative and does not constitute a formal medical opinion or recommendation. For a formal medical opinion and/or recommendation you must see an eye doctor. Thanks for your inquiry! 
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