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I had a canular ( the needle port hole thing) left in my eye

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I had a canular ( the needle port hole thing) left in my eye for 2 days until I saw it,and rang surgeon ,I went in and he pulled it out, now with 5 surgeries a buckle, oil, no lens and only 4 pressure in that eye, is that the end of the road for that eye, 6 months ago I had a detachment in my good eye, had gas, now fixed.( I did have 2 surgeons operate on that eye. Was off work for 2 weeks.whats the chance of another detachment in my good eye ...?.
Dr. Tom : Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question.I understand what you are asking. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom
Customer: Hello would like to know where I am
Dr. Tom :

Hello, you hooked up with an ophthalmologist on the East Coast of the US. I'm online and would be glad to talk with you now about your question

Dr. Tom :

. Reading your posting it looks like your primary question is" what is the chance of having another detachment in the right eye".... Is that correct.

Customer: I have just starting with the disability board about the needle left in my eye, and need to know if that is why I,m basically blind in that eye now I can see light, dark and real bright colours if they are real close,I am pretty sure that is why, what do you think.? And now my good eye has had a detached net what's the chance of it happening again, worry everyday, but still carry on as normal, never done this doctor email thing before, so sorry if not very straight forward, regards
Dr. Tom :

It looks like you rated my response to you as being poor before I'd had a chance to discuss things with you. I'm still online and would like to help if you would reconsider and reopen a chat.

Dr. Tom :

Okay it looks like you have reopened the chat, so let's get started again

Dr. Tom :

. Please don't click on the rating button until we have had our chat and I have helped you with your questions. I want to do a good enough job so that you give me a good rating.

Dr. Tom :

Give me just a minute to try to get your questions in order to answer them. The patient, and I'll get that each one of them

Customer: Sorry poor service is what I'm feeling with my doctor, he's being real good, but not straight to the point about the needle
Dr. Tom :

. Okay, now I understand you were rating some other doctor poorly. Will I will do my best to get a good rating from you

Dr. Tom :


There are several different reasons which cause retinal detachments. And knowing the specific cause of the retinal detachment could help us estimate the chance of recurrence. Do you know if your retina detached was because of lattice degeneration or some other kind of progressive retinal disease, or did it occur as a result of a posterior vitreous detachment. If you know this it will help me give you an answer about the chances of further detachments

Dr. Tom :

You said you'd had a retinal detachment in your right eye. Do you know if a retinal buckle was used to repair your right eye?

Dr. Tom :

While you are typing your response to my last question, I will go ahead and respond to your question about the disability board and your significant loss of vision in your left eye. From what you describe it sounds like your surgery was complicated, for reasons we don't know, since we were not a part of the surgery. However, quite often complications can be repaired or get better with time. So it may be that your surgeons are expecting you to have improving vision in the left eye.

Customer: I did have lazic Surgery a year before this started, I am short sighted -4.5, the right eye, the real bad one, had detached,and tore, I had gas at first, which I believed the house surgeon pieced back of eye , as I was awake and heard dr phil ask another to scub in, that operation failed and I had not her operation and got buckle and oil put in, 4 months later that was removed, and that's when the needle port was left in, which I saw 2 dys later because of pain and of course the swelling had gone down enough to see into the eye better , so he pulled it out, a few days later the eye went flat, I than had gas put in again and lens taken out, that failed 4 weeks and another surgeon put oil back in, cut away scar tissue etc , and it sits at 4 pressure fir the last 1, half years, my left eye my good I , I call it, had a detachment 6 months ago, it's good has more floaters and like a cloud wave that sometimes goes past , should I expect that eye to get another detachment or not really
Dr. Tom :

Wow, it sure sounds like you've been through a lot. But don't be concerned about the floaters and the cloudy waves that you are experiencing. That doesn't mean you're going to get another detachment. Those symptoms come from changes in the gel part of the eye, and they're usually temporary. Based on your previous six months of good result, with no complications to this point, we would consider that a successful surgery and anticipated no further problems with your good eye.

Dr. Tom :

I hope this helps you feel better about the condition your right eye. Is there anything else you would like to ask me?

Customer: I understand , what you have said, is their a percentage , of it happening again, as I worry all the time, and everything we go on holiday I choose places that have good hospitals etc and worry if I choose a odd place, I can't get it fixed fast enough, as we work all year for a holiday overseas each, and next year 2014 looking at doing Route 66 , my left he is all I got now
Dr. Tom :

Well, I assure you that you will find easy access to excellent retinal surgeons all along Route 66. Get in touch with me if you need one and I'll set you up. I'm glad that I could be of some help to you this evening. If you need anything else just let me know, best wishes

Customer: Thanks Antoinette. NZ. I will sleep a bit better now
Dr. Tom :

I'm very glad I could help, best wishes.

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