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Dr. Rick
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I woke up with one eye/lower lid swollen, a week ago, the swelling

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I woke up with one eye/lower lid swollen, a week ago, the swelling got smeller but today i woke up again with a bigger swelling. I have no itchiness or red ess it doesnt hurt, no lumps, nothing visible but for the swelling.
Hi. I'm online and happy to answer your question today.

Does it itch at all?

Is the area of swelling tender to touch?

Do you have any medical problems or take any medication?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It doesnt itch, and its not tender to touch at all. Just the lower right eyelid is swollen. I must mention that, 10 months ago, i got an eye infection, with discharge and redness. I went to the dr and got it treated. Nevertheless, i still feel that my eyes are different, and the eye water is thicker , sometimes i wake up with ... how to say it.. Like my eyes are dirty and i have little crystals at the corners of my eyes.
Could this be related to swelling im having now?
Can you upload a picture of the affected area? If you can't use the link on your screen you can upload it this way:

Save your picture on your computer, someplace easy to find it such as your desktop.
Go to
Upload your picture to the site by browsing for it as directed.
This opens up files on your computer. Double click on the picture you want to upload then hit open (bottom right of the screen). This will take you back to the tinypic page. Hit "upload now" then do the secret code thing and your picture will upload into the system.
Once you do that it gives you a bunch of links you can use, one of which says "direct link for layouts" It is important to use this box. It is the forth one down from the top of the page.
Copy the link from inside this box and then paste it into your justanswer dialog box and send it to your expert.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
got it. Let me take a look. Be right back.
thanks for that picture Rachel.

From what you have posted, the way the swelling suddenly came on it can be a couple of things.

One would be an allergic reaction to something. Swelling from allergies doesn't always have to itch.....

Another option would be blepharitis with meibomian gland infection and possible early stye formation.

I think you can try a couple of things at home and see how it goes.

Get some 1% hydrocortisone cream and put it on your lid 3/day. In addition use some warm compresses and baby shampoo lid scrubs.

In the shower, place the shampoo on your index fingers, close your eyes, raise your eyebrows (to stretch the skin on your eyelids) and scrub back and forth along your eyelashes for 3 to 5 minutes. The hot water in the shower helps to soften the plugged oils in the glands while the mechanical scrubbing with your soapy fingers removes the oils.

If things are not better by Sunday then I would get in to see an ophthalmologist for a complete eye exam.

Does this answer your question to your satisfaction?

I hope this information was helpful for you. But I do work for tips so I want to make sure you are happy with me before rating me. If you have another question on this or a related issue feel free to fire away. And please let me know if the rating system gives you any troubles.

Thanks in advance,

Dr. Rick
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Dr. Rick thank you. May I ask u one more thing, its my first time doing medical consultation on the internat, what if i need a prescription medicine, would you be able to write me one ?
Do you think that i might need an antibiotic for this, if it doestn resolve using these home remedies you just described???

That is a very good question.

Usually eyelid swelling like what you are experiencing does not require oral antibiotic therapy and resolves without long term problems.

It is illegal to prescribe any medication online. Giving an Rx requires that a doctor/patient relationship be formed with a face to face meeting and the need for medication -- be it an antibiotic, viagra or strong pain pills -- be documented in the medial record. Sorry about that :(

From what we have discusses I really believe you will be fine when this is all said and done. :-)

It's safe for you to press the positive feedback button now if you so desire. And, never fear, even after you press that button I don't go up in a puff of smoke -- I'll still be right here to continue helping you, but, as I do work for tips, I want to make sure you are happy before rating me.
Dr. Rick and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Rachel,

I was just thinking about you today and wondering how your eyelid is doing. Did the home therapy make things better or did you end up having to visit an ophthalmologist in person?