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Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom, Board Certified MD
Category: Eye
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Experience:  30 years experience treating patients with eye problems
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I have little red spots all over my body, though not on the

Customer Question

i have little red spots all over my body, though not on the face. these are somewhat proturburent or embossed? but have no pus and very rarely itch. began four days ago. inside my mouth. on the inner cheeks and lower lip are tiny milky ways. no fever. eyes extremely finely bloodshot but not in a way that anyone not a narcissist would notice. occassional sensations of itchiness on the face - where there are no spots - especially in the area of the eyes, but this is only from today and may well be auto-suggestion resulting from reading of the medical literature. fatigue is noticeable, but has been prevalent for the last 4 or 5 weeks. for seven days i have used OTRIDUO, a nose spray from Novartis which has no indications of side-effects. I take 300mgm of aspirin daily and am 61 years of age. had measles and meningitis as a child, and suffered with asthma until 14
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Tom replied 4 years ago.
Dr. Tom-Eye :

Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom-Eye :

It looks like your posting was sent to ophthalmology because you referenced your eyes on a couple of occasions.

Dr. Tom-Eye :

Do you have the ability to attach a digital photograph. That would be very helpful

Dr. Tom-Eye :

Were you using OTRIDUO before your current symptoms started?

Dr. Tom-Eye :

Since we have a five or six hour time zone difference between us, it will be hard for us to be online with each other at the same time. But don't worry I will continue to check back in to get your responses to the above questions.

Dr. Tom-Eye :

When you have thought through the answers to the above questions, please tell me what your specific question is. I have reviewed your posting several times and understand your description of your signs and symptoms. Please tell me which of the various symptoms is causing you the most trouble. Thank you.

Dr. Tom-Eye :

I see you are still off line. If your problems of concern are more general than the eye questions, please let me know and I will op-out, so that another expert can help you. Until I hear from you, I'll stand by.

Expert:  Dr. Tom replied 4 years ago.
Hello Donal ,
I just wanted to get back to you regarding the question you posted on JA. I sent you a follow-up, but never heard back from you. Since you have paid for an answer, I want to do my best to assure that you get the information you are seeking.
Please get back to me and I will stick with you until you're satisfied.
Thanks again, Dr. Tom.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Listen, Dr. Tom- Eye, whoever you are or were, I am deeply dissatisfied with your response, though it may well be that it is the hopelessly chaotic set-up ot the site that is responsible. I needed an answer within 6 hours, since I was then setting off for a part of France without any internet access whatsoever, and have only returned today.

It is a matter of utter astonishment to me that a problem having nothing at all to do with 'eyes' ends up being diverted to an opthalmologist. In my description of my symptoms, this word was used once and in a most tentative manner.

I trust I will not be charged for this non-service and that my money will be directly refunded to my account.

Non of your evaluative smileys can register my response: utterly and profoundly dissatisfied and therefore determined to pursue the matter further should I find myself out of pocket.

It all feels sickeningly like yet another case of online piracy

Expert:  Dr. Tom replied 4 years ago.

Dear *****al,

You are absolutely right in your comments , and I don't blame you a bit . also I am sure that JA will make sure that you do not get charged. and I also agree with you that we were probably dealing with a time zone issue to begin with you. Your question came in at 5 :49 PM and I responded to you about an hour later at 7:03 PM . also I agree with you that your question was misdirected to ophthalmology , which is why I stated " If your problems of concern are more general than the eye questions, please let me know and I will op-out, so that another expert can help you. Until I hear from you, I'll stand by."............ I am sorry for your inconvenience..... And I will have the experts at JA review this entire posting . Thank you for taking the time to notify us of your feelings about this unfortunate outcome in trying to be of service to you.