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Dr. Dan B.
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My wife had cataract procedure on left eye. she was given

Customer Question

my wife had cataract procedure on left eye. she was given (pre-op) choice of a lens that would leave patient nearsighted/farsighted vs plano and she chose plano. now she can't see anything close up and doctor is wanting to prescribe prescription glasses. we think the wrong lens was implanted. glenn

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Dan B. replied 4 years ago.
Doctor DanB :

Hello and thanks for your question. Are you available to chat?

Doctor DanB :

I presume that your wife did not get a premium lens implant (would've cost a few thousand extra in cost to you)?

Doctor DanB :

If this is correct, then she got a monofocal lens implant (IOL, or intraocular lens). A monofocal IOL only allows clear vision (without glasses) at one focal plane, or distance away from the eye. The power of the IOL can be chosen to allow a patient to see clearly at near, or at intermediate distance, or far away when not wearing glasses after surgery. If the IOL implant were chosen with the goal of a refractive error of plano, then this is opting for distance vision to be the clearest after surgery without glasses. Because the lens is a monofocal implant, only one focal distance can be clear at a time without glasses and since the distance would then be that focal distance, she would require glasses to see anything at a near or intermediate focal plane. Does that make sense?

Doctor DanB :

So if the wrong IOL was implanted, or the wrong power was implanted (and this wasn't a premium IOL), then there was either an error in calculation of the power of the IOL, or there was some miscommunication between your wife and the surgeon regarding expectations of the results of the surgery.

Doctor DanB :

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