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I'm 85 years old and have a few health issues. I have 6/6 &

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I'm 85 years old and have a few health issues. I have 6/6 & 6/9 vision but am told I have glaucoma. How long does glaucoma take to advance to a stage where sight is significantly affected? Or at my age will I be beyond worrying before it matters?
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Dr. Tom-Eye :

I will be glad to give you some answers. It would be helpful to know what your ophthalmologist said about your eye pressure and if you were started on anti glaucoma eyedrops? Did you have a visual field test? Glaucoma generally progress slowly, and often with treatment we can arrest the progression. I am very glad for you that the glaucoma was picked up early. You will probably not have any progression of visual loss from glaucoma, but you must keep your eye check ups. Please let me know if you have any other questions. And best wishes.

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Since you are offline right now, I'll wait to see if you have any othere questions??

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I would like to know how long the glaucoma would take to affect my sight with no treatment.

Okay, I'll try to answer that. If you mean by affect your site to the point that blindness occurs it would probably take a very long time. But that depends on how bad the glaucoma was when you were diagnosed. Physicians would never consider not doing something to arrest the vision loss caused by glaucoma. We can control glaucoma in most cases by the daily use of eye drops. Why would anyone want to take the risk of losing sight when treatment is so effective. If however, by "affect your sight" you mean affecting your optic nerves and causing damage, it is probably ongoing. Before the effect of glaucoma is noticeable to most patients, it has already done significant damage to the nerves between the eye in the brain that carry eyesight. You should consider having your pressure-treated, no matter how long you expect to live.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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