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eyesight2020, Optometrist
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I just received new glasses/prescription and I was wondering

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Hi I just received new glasses/prescription and I was wondering how long it takes to get accustomed to new glasses. Thank you
eyesight2020 :


eyesight2020 :

I see you are of line. it uually can take a couple of weeks. Do you know what your prescription is.

eyesight2020 :

Leave a message in the box below and i will contact you again later today.

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Thank you

eyesight2020 :

Dr. Lucy-Eyesight20/20

I see you are offline,it usually can take a couple of weeks.In farsighted prescriptions things may look closer up then usual.Just giving an example. Do you know your presciption is.(correction)

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok thanks yes I had small problems seeing things far away.

I had had laser correction when I was young, I had -2.25 and -2.75 prior to the operation if I recall correctly.

Now 2012 here it is:

Left Eye (OS) Sphere : -0.50 , Cylinder : 0.00 , Axis : 0

Right Eye (OD) Sphere : -1.25 , Cylinder : +0.25 , Axis : 90

1.61 High Index Lenses, PD(which I measured myself at home) : 62.5

Should I force myself to wear them all day? I don't feel like it lol . I plan on using them only to drive and sometimes watch tv.

It seems to me that you may have ordered the glasses online if you say you measured your own PD. Is that correct? If that is correct ,you may want to have your glasses verified to make sure th prescription is correct and that you have the proper PD measurement. If you are feeling any kind of eyestrain,it is possible something is off. Based on the prescription you wrote more than likely you see adequately at distance with your left eye and your right eye is good more so at near. As you get into your 40's ,you may find that it will not always be necessary to use reading glasses right away. Anyway,in the meantime ,you should have your glasses and PD verified if you continue to have any discomfort. Any other questions,just drop a note below If this has answered for question,do not forget to rate this session Thank you.

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