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eyesight2020, Optometrist
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I'm not sure I described my new symptom correctly. Sometimes

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I'm not sure I described my new symptom correctly. Sometimes when I close my eye I see streamers as though I was staring at a light. If I open my eye they are there for a second and then disappear.
eyesight2020 :

It could be an ocular migraine or depending on how forcibly you are closing your eyes it could be what we call a pressure phosphene .

eyesight2020 :

In any case you still would want to follow up with your opthalmologist if the symptoms do not subside or should they worsen.

eyesight2020 :

Thank you

eyesight2020 :

An ocular migraine is simply a vasospasm of the vasculature of the eye that results in a person seeing flashes of light.

eyesight2020 :

A pressure phophene can be benign and can be seen due to closing your eyes forcibly and looking in different directions.In some cases they can be seen if some rubs theyeir eyes when the are closed with a little bit of

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A pressure phosphene can be seen due to closing the eyes a little more forcibly then usual,or moving the eyes in different directions with the eyes closed or applying some pressure to the eyes when someone rubs theirs eyes while they are closed with a little bit of pressure.This flash of light occurs due to these slight pressure changes and they are usually benign.

However it can also be caused by an attached floater so as I said if the symptoms worsen you should follow up with your opthalmologist

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