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eyesight2020, Optometrist
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Hi since Thursday this last week, my left eye pupil is more

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Hi since Thursday this last week, my left eye pupil is more dilated than my right, and the vision is a little strange. The pupil seems to react roughly as fast as the right, and under bright light both pupils are the same size, however in a slightly darkened room the left is definitely smaller. I have had extreme alcohol consumption and seeking medical assistance for that, just wondering if this has been caused by the drink and when it will go away. I wear glasses for computer/books. Wearing glasses seems to slightly minimise the weirdness in the vision, however after a long day my eyes have been far sorrer than prior to last Thursday.


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I will do my best to answer your question

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I am not sure if you are available to chat?

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What it sounds to me lke is that you may have what is called an adies tonic pupil and is what you are noticing when you are looking at your pupils

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It is generally a benign nerological disorder that ican be of viral bacterial or of unknown cause.

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Because one pupil is larger than the other you may have trouble focusing up close.

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A torough evaluation by your opthalmologist is needed to determine the best treatment option foy

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Your doctor may prescribe a dop such as pilocarpine to help make the larger pupil smaller,

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Usually the reading is affected and sometimes bifocals are prescribed to help for the reading.

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So for now this does not sound like an emergency butyou should follow up with an opthalmologist,preferbly a neuro-opthalmologist so he can try to determine the cause in your case and provide you with the proper treatment



I am still online if you have any other questions

However, if you are feeling ill you may want to go to a medical walkin or you can followup with your doctor on Monday as well as having an evaluation with a neuroopthalmologist as soon as possible.


I see you are offline now.


Should you have any other questions leave them in the box below


If this answer has helped a little a positive rating is appreciated.

Thank you


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So it isn't as a result of a siezure or brain anuerism or similar?


Getting a referal from my GP to a neuroopthalmologist is that what you are suggesting?


To answer your question, if you have experienced a headache like you never had before,a stiff neck,nausea and vomiting, seizures, loss of conciounesss,sensitivity to light,then you would have attribute these to the

possibility of an anuerysm.


Additionally,if you have experienced pain behind or above the involved eye,numbness or weakness on one side of your face, a droopy eyelid, or double vision ,these can also be the sign of an anuerysme


If you have had any of these symptoms you would want to be seen as soon as possible in a medical walkin.

However based on what you have said it is an issue of noticing your pupil reaction then you should follow up with your primary care doctor and a Neuro-ophthalmologist to evaluate the exact cause.

Does this make sense, any other questions?

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Hello, Just doing a follow to see it have been able to be seen by your primary care doctor as well as follow up with a Neuro-ophthalmologist yet? Wondering what the outcome of your visits were


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