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How can you tell the difference between uveitis and

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how can you tell the difference between uveitis and conjuctivitis?

Hello I will do my best to answer your question. In conjunctivitis the pupils are not affected

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have non-visual changes in one eye. The conjuctiva appears as if bloodvessels are engorged in the upper middle quadrant under the eyelid, most prominently at the border of the pupil but not involving the pupil. It appeared abruptly on Friday and is regressed over the interval three days but still worrisome.

Instead in Uveitis the affected eye will have a smaller pupil. The redness is more around there iris of the eye where in conjunctivitis it is more diffuse. In Uveitis sometimes there are adhesions from the back surface of the iris to th lens of the eye called posterior synechia so that if we were were to try to dilate the eye it may not fully dilate where the adhesion is so perhaps that is what you are talking about..I hope this answers your question. If so a positive rating is appreciated

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ARE THE BLOOD VESSELS OVER THE CALLED PART IF YOUR EYE (iris) or only on the white part of your eye?

If you wear contact lenses or if this recurs again you should follow up with your regards ***** ***** question feel free to contact me.

If you wear contact lenses or this recurs again you should follow-up with your eye doctor.
Any questions feel free to contact me.(correction)