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I felt like I got something in my eye but can't see anything

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I felt like I got something in my eye but can't see anything I washed my mascara off and used some saline rinse but feels like a paper cut on eye ...the white part left eye left side and eyelid has been twitching for a week about and I'm on clindamycin just so you are aware? What can and should I do??

Hello, I will do my best to answer your question

. Is your eye red or sensitive to light and do you have any discharge coming from your eye?

Whatever you may have gotten in your eye may have washed out upon your irrigating your eye and now you are feeling that you still have something in your eye because the conjunctiva is irritated.

The twitching of your eyelid is called myokimia which is basically muscle spasm of the eyelid.

This can happen ,as in your case, after the eye becomes irritated.It can be stress related from being fatiqued ,having dry eyes or even drinking caffeinated beverages.

As long as your eye is not red or painful ,you may have a minor surface irritation of the conjunctiva.You could artificial tears to coat your eyes.Blink tears or

Refresh tears every couple of will help.

However if your eye becomes red,sensitive to light or painful you should try to be

seen by your doctor today

eyesight2020 and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you

Also any additional questions feel free to contact.Since this answer may be of some help to you a positive rating woukd be appreciated.

I will be back online in a hour.

You could also look up this link and read about the lid twitching