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eyesight2020, Optometrist
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I wear eyeglasses for reading. I was wondering if I should

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I wear eyeglasses for reading. I was wondering if I should get contact lenses provided that I have very minor astigmatism and dry eyes.
eyesight2020 :


eyesight2020 :

I will do my best to answer your questions.

eyesight2020 :

When was your last eye exam

eyesight2020 :

In the past have you ever tried to wear contacts

eyesight2020 :

So you mentioned that you only use glassess for reading,do you know if you have perhaps aminor prescription for distance?

eyesight2020 :

Have you been told in the past that you have dry eyes.

eyesight2020 :

Depending of what your presription is and as long as the level of dryness of your eyes is not severe ,there would be contact lens options available for you.

eyesight2020 :

Your doctor may try monovision,in which your dominant eye would be used for distance vision and your nondominant eye would have your reading prescription.

eyesight2020 :

Or he may try bifocal contact lenses.

eyesight2020 :

There are contact lens brands that are more comfortable than others for patients that have dry eyes like acuvue oasys or proclear.

eyesight2020 :

Once you have your evaluation with your doctor I am certain that based on his findings he will set you up with the best option for you.

eyesight2020 :

I hope this helps

eyesight2020 :

Any questions contact me any time

eyesight2020 and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Will wearing contact lenses make the dryness of my eyes worse? I have a teary right eye. Also, how much do the good contact lenses cost a month?

Contact lenses will not worsen your dry eye but you may be more aware that you are wearing the lenses

Medication, enviroment,any surface irregularities on the eye,and particularly in

women,hormone changes are contributing factors.

For those that work on the computer all day the blink rate decreases such that there is a decrease in the eye natural ability to moisten the eye

In those cases taking breaks or using rewetting drops will helpIn

Cost varies.

It all depends on the brand

acuvue oasys can cost as much as 228/year

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