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pippistrellodaqua, Optometrist
Category: Eye
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This morning I had an endoscopy procedure. Now, 5 hours

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This morning I had an endoscopy procedure. Now, 5 hours later, I am
experiencing double vision in both eyes. Is it the anesthesia? Will it pass?
pippistrellodaqua :

I am happy to assist you with your question today.

pippistrellodaqua :

Double vision is not generally a side effect of anesthesia.

pippistrellodaqua :

The surgeon who performed the procedure should address your concerns. Your surgery is billed such that any and all concerns should be handled by the doctor who performed the procedure and that includes any phone conversations and even other office visits during a global period (usually for 7-30 days or so.) If the double vision is a complication of the surgery then it will be covered and the surgeon has the responsibility to answer you questions and see you again if needed.

pippistrellodaqua :

Sudden onset double vision is something that needs to be evaluated. If your surgeon decides that (s)he cannot handle it, they may refer you to an ophthalmologist who can.

pippistrellodaqua :

I will stay on for a while to answer any follow-up questions you may have. Please don't forget to offer a positive rating once your question has been answered fully.

pippistrellodaqua :

Also, please note that the information here does not replace an examination and should be used as educational purposes only.

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